LOUD Win VCT Champions 2022!

History is being written before our eyes! We just met the second Valorant world champions – LOUD that defeated OpTic Gaming by a 3:1 score in the VCT Champions Istanbul Grand Finals.

Loud win ez
LOUD are your VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul winners! | © Riot Games

OpTic Gaming vs. LOUD is a match that has happened more times this year than any other and has always carried a lot of excitement. And we could experience that again, as these two teams met in the Grand Finals of the second Valorant World Championship – VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul. However, this time, the result was different.

LOUD Are The Second Valorant World Champions – Grand Finals Recap

It all started with an intense game on Ascent, full of exciting plays and wall bangs, especially from players like yay and Sacy. Actually, these two were the only players with a positive KDA, and the match was super close. The first map eventually ended in a 15:13 score for OpTic Gaming.

It was obscene how close this map was, and it pumped up the crowd for the next couple of games... because it wasn't the only overtime game in this series.

Next up, we could watch a game on Bind, which was OpTic's map pick. And well, they absolutely rocked on it (some people consider it to be their best map). The first half ended in a 10-2 score, and there was nearly no chance that LOUD could come back from this.

If you follow the Valorant eSports scene, you surely know that OpTic plays this map nearly perfectly against any team. There was no player with a negative KDA on OpTic's site, and the match ended in a 13:6 score for them. Not much to talk about, brutal stuff.

And then, Breeze. Oh boy, that was the most exciting map of the series. Another overtime game; however, this time, it was taken by LOUD with a 16:14 score. It was the closest game in the entire tournament, full of 1v1s, clutches, and aces. Honestly, this one has the potential to be the most exciting map played in the history of Valorant eSports.

After this Breeze, LOUD took a lead, and they were 1 game away to become the second Valorant World Champions. All they had to do is win OpTic's map pick, which was Haven. Even though OpTic is insane at Haven, LOUD isn't bad either, and the last map would be Icebox, which LOUD really knows how to play nearly perfectly. So yeah, all in all, it wasn't a comfortable situation for the NA squad.

And so, Haven was the tournament point, a chance for a clean revenge for LOUD. In fact, OpTic Gaming have never lost a revenge game, so this win would matter much more for the Brazilian squad.

And they got scored it, without any big issues! The map ended with a clean 13:5 score, and it looked like LOUD had everything under control right from the first rounds. And so, this is, ladies and gentlemen, how LOUD became second Valorant World Champions:

Most people don't even realize what this win means for LOUD. They not only became World Champions, but also defeated their nemesis – a team that stopped them from taking a title at VCT Masters Reykjavik.

And this is how the exciting Valorant Championship Tour 2022 circuit ended. The only thing that is left for Valorant eSports this year would be VCT Game Changers that we will also cover, so if you are interested, be sure to follow our website! And if you are not into game changers, you will have to wait until February for VCT circuit to resume.

Let's end this article with one of the most exciting moments of the entire tournament, which is the legendary ace from crashies: