Valorant Map Guide Bind: Callouts, Strategies, Best Agents

Bind is one of the best maps in Valorant, but it does come with its fair share of callouts and strategies. Here you'll get a total guide to the Valorant map Bind.

Valorant Bind
A complete guide to playing on Bind, including callouts and strategies! | © Riot Games

Bind is a well-made Valorant map with excellent callouts and strategies. Though some players struggle to learn and use them in-game. So if you wanted to play like a Radiant on Bind, you've come to the right place. Because here we'll take a look at a guide on how to play on Bind!

Bind Map: Callouts

Here's the whole map Bind including all of its main callouts:

Bind Callouts Map
All them callouts on Bind! | © Riot Games, Screencapture

There are more Bind callouts for each site's spike planting spots, but we'll check them out individually below. Though above are the main callouts for Bind, and if you forget a name of a callout or two, you can press Caps Lock to check the whole map. That is if you haven't changed its key bind. Now you'll know the spot where you killed your enemy with the best melee skins!

A Site Bind Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Bind A-site callouts:

Bind A Site 2 COMPLETE 2
Bind A-site callouts | © Riot Games

Although there's a good amount of callouts for A site on Bind, they'll start to get easier to remember. One thing you should note is that if there's an enemy under Heaven, you can also use the callout Hell to take down those enemies with perfect aim. And the hall next to Bench is often referred to as Showers.

How To Attack A Site on Bind

When you're attacking A site on Bind, the first thing to take care of is smokes. You should smoke off Heaven with a Controller agent, then take control of Lamps through U-Haul. You can also smoke off U-Haul, but Lamps is a pivotal point in attacking A-site Bind, where the Duelist will have to do their magic in winning that combat. There should also be an Initiator agent to use flash/detecting abilities to bring some enemies out of their hiding spots to do a full-on push.

Bind Smoke Attacking
Viper's effective smoke on Bind | © Riot Games

Don't forget Showers though. Send in a player or two through Showers to surprise the enemies and take even better control of A-site. Your main planting spots for the spike should either be Truck main or Tetris.

How To Defend A Site on Bind

Defending A-site on Bind can be simplified to 1 simple term: defend the Portal spot as much as you can. If the enemies take control there, they can rotate to B-site or plant on Truck main easily. You can also have a player behind Tetris to watch over Showers and help at Portal for on-pushing enemies at the same time. Though you may want to have more FPS to not miss them!

B Site Bind Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Bind B-site callouts:

Bind B Site 2 COMPLETE
Bind B-site callouts | © Riot Games

These are all the Bind B-site callouts you should take care of. You can also use "Front of Container", "Inside Container", and "Behind Container" for more detailed explanations for your teammates. Though smurfs would already know that.

How To Attack B Site on Bind

Attacking on A-site is divided into 2 strategies: taking control of Hookah and Garden, then entering the site. Here have a player use 1 flash/detecting ability to locate and defeat the enemies in Hookah and Garden. You may ask why only 1? Well, that's when taking the main site comes into play.

Once you have control of Garden and Hookah, have a Controller agent smoke off Elbow and B Hall. Then use the rest of your Initiator flash/detect abilities to bring out the enemies from places like Container, Cubby, and Pallet. All these starts require various agents, so you should know the purpose behind all Valorant Classes.

How To Defend B Site on Bind

Defending B-site on Bind is contrary to the first strat we saw above for attacking: defend Hookah and Garden-B Long like your life depends on it. Use most of your abilities on Garden-B Long and Hookah to prevent the enemies from entering the site while your teammates are rotating. So your main goal should always be to stop the enemies from entering the site through these locations, be it with your Vandal or Phantom.

Best Team Composition on Bind

Some agents are better than others on Valorant maps, so here's an excellent team composition you should aim for when playing on Bind:


Viper is always a must-pick on Bind. Her wall and a smoke line-up can cover a whole site. Though it is a bit hard to master her. Besides that, if you want to tweak this team composition, you can change Raze for Jett and Chamber for Cypher. This doesn't mean they're better for this Bind team composition, it just means they're viable changes you can try out.

So that's it for this Valorant Bind guide. Attacking and defending isn't as hard as it may seem, but it requires some teamwork. Besides that, learn the proper callouts and you're good to go!