How To Play Chamber? | Valorant Agent Guide

Not only does Chamber know how to dress fancy, but he also has some pretty interesting abilities that, when used correctly, can take you straight to the Radiant rank. And that's what we'll talk about in today's guide!

Chamber Guide
The only Chamber guide you'll ever need! | © Riot Games

Since Chamber joined the game, he's been one of the more interesting Agents in the metagame, and on some maps he can really dominate. Not only that, he's one of the most consistent Agents in his class! That said, let's learn how to play him properly and use his abilities to your advantage.

Chamber Abilities Explained

C Ability: Trademark (Cost: 150 Credits, Chargers: 2)

Chamber trademark
Chamber's Trademark Ability | © Riot Games

Chamber's first ability is a trap that, when triggered, generates a field that slows any character within it. It is sort of a combination of Killjoy's Turret and Sage's Slow Orb. You can place the trap anywhere you want on the map, but you should usually use it where you expect your team to get rushed. Moreover, you can hear when the trap is triggered, and that's also a big plus.

Q Ability: Headhunter (Cost: 100 per Bullet)

Headhunter chamber
Chamber's Headhunter Ability | © Riot Games

The next ability is actually an enhanced Sheriff. It comes with a better wall penetration and every headshot is a sure frag (as the name suggests). Unlike Sheriff, here you can buy a maximum of 8 bullets for the weapon, which gives you access to an extra gun under the "Q" button. Most importantly, you pull it out almost instantly (0.3 seconds) so it is a great option in stressful situations when you are low on ammo or during a sniper duel.

E Ability: Rendezvous (Signature, 20s Cooldown)

Chamber teleport
Chamber's Rendezvous Ability | © Riot Games

Chamber's Signature Ability is a two-part teleport that works almost instantly. You throw the two parts of the teleport at places of your choice, and by pressing the "E" button, you teleport to the part of the teleport that is further away from you (assuming you are within range of the teleport at all).

It is one of the better abilities for a sniper player as you can grab a frag, click E, and get the hell out of the site instantly. Anyway, most of you probably know how this works, but you want to know the exact numbers for this ability, and we have prepared them for you:

FactorOfficial Value

Cast distance

up to 8.5 meters

Teleport time

1.3 seconds
Distance between partsup to 37.5 meters
Recall time0.7 seconds

Teleport health

80 HP

It is also worth mentioning that both parts of the teleport can be destroyed, so you should throw them in relatively safe spots. Moreover, if you've been rethinking your teleport placement, you can grab it back and place it somewhere else.

And one fun fact – when you are in the teleport range, you have a golden glow on your sides and your clothes change to full gold (both teams can see it). It doesn't affect the game as much, but it's worth knowing that.

Ultimate Ability: Tour De Force (7 Ult Points)

Chamber Ulti
Chamber's Tour De Force Ability | © Riot Games

You could say that Chamber's Ultimate is actually a better Operator. It always kills with a single hit (even in the foot), shoots faster, and what's more – it generates a slowing field under the character you kill, the same one as with the Trademark Ability. It's pretty much a dream of every sniper player.

How To Attack With Chamber?

Chamber is a great character to play regardless of playstyle. Sure, his abilities support more defensive gameplay, but you usually want to play a bit more aggressively and use your Vandal/Phantom to collect frags to get these sweet Ult points. You can go for super risky peeks, and when things start to get dangerous, you can just get out of the duel with your teleports. However, your Duelist teammates usually want to attack first, and you can cover them with your Headhunter or sniper rifle when they're pushing the site.

How To Defend With Chamber?

Chamber's ability kit is just great for the defensive playstyle. Actually, you can often cover one site by yourself alone – throw a trap in one spot, cover another, give yourself a teleport to guarantee some safety, et voilà! But yeah, if you can find one good angle to cover and your teammates adjust, you're good to go and win this game.

The Best Maps For Chamber


Chamber breezeee
Chamber on Breeze | © Riot Games

Chamber on the Breeze is a total boss. We know that not everyone likes this map, but if you tried Chamber on it, you would love it. It has numerous extensive areas that work super well with Chamber's entire ability kit, and it also results in many long-range encounters where Chamber is almost always the favorite. Whether you want to cover A, B, or Mid, this map offers many spots where Chamber can dominate, especially if you have access to your Ult.


Chamber icebox
Chamber on Icebox | © Riot Games

Similar situation – whatever Spike Site you choose, you will have plenty of opportunities to shine. Icebox is the map with the best teleport lineups that will be both effective and safe for you to cast. And well, Spike Site A is just brilliant for snipers, especially if you have the safe option of disappearing from the enemy's eye in less than a second.


Chamber Bind
Chamber on Bind | © Riot Games

What we love about playing Chamber on Bind is that you can throw one part of your teleport through the map teleport, and get a quick rotation. In general, not only does Chamber have numerous rotating options on the map, but his teleports work great in close-range encounters where you don't feel comfortable, and that is often the case as Bind is a pretty small map.

And that was our Chamber guide! But is Chamber worth picking in the meta right now? Check out our Meta Snapshot to find that out!