Valorant Episode 7: Most Picked Agents

New patch, new episode, will there be changes to the pick rates, or is the meta going to stay the same. Check it out, and be up-to-date.

Valorant Reyna Action
Lowest pick rate competitive / Highest pick rate in pubs - Reyna | © Riot Games

Each episode has some changes made to Agents or Maps which later dictate the meta in Valorant. Episode 7 didn't have much to offer in terms of Agent tweaks, so let's see how that impacted the pick rates for now.

What Are The Most Picked Agents In Episode 7

We will do a top five most-picked agents to help you better understand what's being played the most in Episode 7.


Valorant Raze default
Big personality, and high pick rate | © Riot Games

The Brazilian Duelist is sitting in fifth place and no wonder. Her current pick rate is 7.2%, and in that pick rate, she's having a win rate of 49.8%. These numbers are standard and there's nothing standing out of place here.

She is a pretty interesting explosive and mobile agent to play. Depending on the bracket you are playing in you can find her insta-locked every game in the lower medal games, and much less the more you climb up.


Valorant Omen default
Teams are spamming Omen in Ascension right now | © Riot Games

Fourth place goes to Omen, and this will also not come as a surprise, again. The VCT Ascension games are enjoying Omen quite a lot, and if the pros play it, pubs will connect as well. His win rate across all maps is sitting at 48.6%, and there is no map in which he broke the 50% win rate threshold so life is tough for Omen mains right now.


Valorant Sage default
Is there ever a situation where Sage isn't a good pick? | © Riot Games

Statistically, there has never been an episode in Valorant in which Sage isn't among the most-played Agents. If you're a support kind of player then Sage is your go-to Agent and hence she has a 9.2% pick rate across all maps.

Opposed to Omen, Sage actually breaks the 50% threshold but not for much, as it's currently sitting at a 50.1% win rate.


Valorant Jett default
Did you miss the retro Agent Screen? | © Riot Games

Yet again to no surprise, Jett is second on the list. She currently has a 10.1% pick rate on a 49.4% win-rate ratio. Regardless of the bracket. She is most players' go-to pick, and it feels like she is almost always Insta-Locked.

What is the cause for this constant high pick rate? - She can peek & kill safely with her signature ability, and her smoke can make her "useful" as an entry-breaking Duelist.

Reyna - The Most Picked Agent In Episode 7

Reyna Hottest Agent Valo
Not only is she the most picked agent in Valorant, but she is also apparently the hottest one as well | © Riot Games

In case you didn't know, Reyna, The Most Picked Valorant Agent In 2022. But, not just 2022, but also 2023 and Episode 7. Reyna is the most picked agent with an absurd 11.3% pick rate at a 50.2% win rate.

She has become a topic of conversation lately on Reddit, as people are asking for nerfs not because she is OP, but because smurfs abuse her in lower-bracket games. Statistically, this is true, and you will oftentimes find yourself annoyed by a 30+ frag Reyna destroying everyone in the match.

If you didn't notice, we used the term Insta-Locking quite a few times in this article. If you don't know what that is, check out Valorant Slang Explained, and if you aren't sure if Is Insta-Locking Really That Bad? we got you covered as well.