This Is Deadlock: Abilities, Lore, Gameplay

The wait is over, the Norwegian Sentinel has been revealed. If you're looking to see her abilities, a bit of lore, and her gameplay you're in the right place.

Deadlock M
This high-tech blondie will dominate the sites | © Riot Games

After Sova finally found Deadlock, it was time that the audience saw what the next Sentinel will look like.

Who Is Deadlock?

After seeing the first leaked "promo" about Deadlock, it was certain that she was coming from a northern country, that's close to Sova. The mountains snowy terrain that Sova was doing his operation into was actually Norway.

Deadlock is officially Valorant's 23rd Agent, and since we know you are impatient to see what she does, we will go straight to her abilities.

Deadlock Abilities Explained

C Ability - GravNet

Her first ability is a grenade that can be: thrown normally with FIRE, or from below with ALT FIRE. Once the grenade collides with the ground, it explodes and forces enemies caught in its radius to crouch and move slowly.

Equip a GravNet grenade. FIRE to launch. ALTERNATIVE FIRE to launch the grenade from below. The GravNet explodes when it hits the ground, forcing enemies caught inside it to crouch and move slowly.

Deadlock Net1
Wonder what this Grav Net does to make people squat and move slowly | © Riot Games

Q Ability - Sonic Sensor

As the name suggests this is a sensor that is deployable with FIRE. Once deployed it monitors the area for enemy agents that will make any sound.

If you make:

  • Gunfire noise
  • Footsteps
  • Ability noise

The area will be CONCUSSED and it will affect anyone caught in it. If you hold SHIFT and walk, you're fine, but if you decide to rush it with your knife, you're in trouble.

Deadlock Sensor
Yeah, defusing/planting the spike will also trigger the Sensor | © Riot Games

Signature Ability - Barrier Mesh

The barrier mesh is a disk that will be launched forward once you click FIRE. After colliding with the ground, the disk will generate four barriers from the initial point, and it will block the movement of the Agents with those four barriers.

These barriers work similarly to Sage's wall and can be destroyed by shooting at the blue circle-like barriers on the ground. If you can't understand it, just take a look at the picture and it will be all crystal clear for you.

Deadlock Wall
These little blue bobbly barriers can be destroyed, and if they are the walls will be down | © Riot Games

Ultimate Ability - Annihilation

If the name sounds spooky to you, don't worry, it's just a Nanowire Accelerator. Once equipped and you click FIRE, you will release a pulse of those nanowires that will capture the first enemy that it hits.

Once caught, the enemy Agent will be pulled alongside the path of the nanowires and die if they reach the end unless they are freed. To free the caught Agent, an ally of his will have to shoot at the nanowires to destroy the cocoon and save his ally. Yeah never mind, it's spooky.

Deadlock Ultimate
Is anyone getting some Tasmanian Devil vibes after seeing this? | © Riot Games

Overall, it looks like this super high-tech girl will be overtaking Killjoy and Cypher's place in the meta. But, we won't know how OP she is till the point that she's added to the game and days of gameplay pass.

When Will Deadlock Be Released?

We're sure that the first question that came to your mind after reading what the Norwegian can do. Deadlock is set to join the other Agents ingame with the release of Episode 7 Act 1 on the 27th of June. Her initial reveal came on the 24th of June, and it was announced that her abilities will be explained in detail during the Grand Final of Masters Tokyo.

But, Riot didn't want to keep us waiting, so they shared the gameplay footage of Deadlock the night before the Grand Final. It's better to keep the hype for the spectacular gameplay that's about to unfold between Fnatic and Evil Geniuses than on the agent we will be spamming nonstop in the coming days.

That's all about Deadlock for now. Once she's out we will dish out an Agent Guide for her ASAP on our Valorfeed Guides Section, so make sure to check it up to stay up to date.


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