How to Play Cypher? | Valorant Agent Guide

Every Valorant agent requires some type of skill. And Cypher isn't any different, being a threat in the Valorant meta and esports. So let's take a look at how you can play Cypher in Valorant!

Cypher Guide
Set up traps and take selfies with the enemies! | © Riot Games, ValorFeed

Cypher is a Sentinel agent that keeps track of where the enemy team is, all while trapping them in uncanny situations. The Cypher ult and camera ensure no enemy goes unseen. But how should a Cypher player utilize the most use out of each ability? That's why we'll take a look at a complete guide on how to play Cypher! But to play Cypher, you should also have the best Valorant settings!

Cypher Abilities Explained

Q Ability: Cyber Cage (Cost: 100 Credits, Charges: 2)

The first Cypher ability is Cyber Cage. Cyber Cage is a throwable ability that can be activated from any instance to create a circle "cage" uncovered from the top that blocks enemy vision. If an enemy enters or leaves the cage, it plays a sound effect that everyone can hear. Although it's a cage, you shouldn't use it as a dog house, it's still transparent!

Cypher Cyber Cage
Cyber Cage detects enemies! | © Riot Games

A Cyber Cage lasts 7.5 seconds upon its initial activation. If you don't like the location of your Cyber Cage, you can pick it up to replace it elsewhere. If the ability is picked up once a round starts, the ability counts as used and needs to be bought again the next round.

C Ability: Trapwire (Cost: 200 Credits, Charges: 2)

The second Cypher ability is Trapwire. Trapwire is an ability that represents a line "wire" that can be placed between 2 walls. Once an enemy passes a Trapwire, they get trapped, tagged, and can be seen through walls. Trap your lonely Valorant thoughts in one place!

Cypher Tripwire
Trap players with Tripwire! | © Riot Games

If a trapped enemy doesn't destroy the Trapwire in 3s, they will be dealt 5 damage and will be concussed for a short amount of time. If you don't like the location of your Trapwire, you can pick it up to replace it elsewhere. If the ability is picked up once a round starts, the ability counts as used and needs to be bought again the next round.

E Ability: Spycam (Signature Ability, Recall: 15s, Destroyed: 45s)

The third Cypher signature ability is Spycam. Spycam is an ability that presents a camera that can be placed on walls. Once you activate Spycam, you can see the vision of the camera anywhere on the map. Use it to spy on your neighbors!

Cypher Spycam
Spy on your enemies with the Spycam! | © Riot Games

This ability can also be used by shooting enemies with a dart on left-click that tags the enemy. The tag shows the enemy's location in consecutive time intervals even through walls until removed. Once a dart is shot, it can be shot again after 6s.

Ultimate Ability: Neural Theft (6 Ult Points)

The last Cypher ability is his ultimate Neutral Theft. This ultimate ability can be used on an enemy that's been killed, which reveals the location of every remaining enemy on the map. If you want to know where your ex is, use this ability on his/her new partner!

Cypher Ultimate
See your enemies anywhere with this ult! | © Riot Games

Once an enemy is fallen, Cypher has to go into close proximity to that enemy to use his ultimate ability. But be fast, since Cypher's ultimate ability can be used on a dead body for around 10-15s.

How to Attack with Cypher?

Almost all Sentinel agents follow one rule when attacking: watching flanks and enemy openings/angles. Cypher isn't any different. With Cypher, there are three situations when attacking: placing Trapwire and abilities behind you to watch enemy flanks, placing abilities on openings from where the enemies can appear post-plant, or a bit of both. Depending on the situation, you should consider whether a Vandal or Phantom is better.

The best Cypher strategy when attacking is to place 1 Trapwire behind you from where the enemies can flank and backstab you. Once you take over the site in post-plant, place another Tripwire on an opening from where an enemy can appear and place Spycam which will overlook the spike and hide. This way, you're protected from enemies coming from the back, have vision over 1 angle that an enemy can appear to retake the site, and if you hear the enemies trying to defuse, use your Spycam, tag them and try to kill them.

How to Defend with Cypher?

Cypher's utility is packed to defend the site and keep the enemy team at bay. Your goal when defending with Cypher is to pick out a site, place Tripwires accompanied with Cyber Cages on openings from where the enemy team can come in, and place a Spycam somewhere high that'll overlook the whole site.

With this strategy, once the enemies are trapped, you'll use the Cyber Cage which makes you invisible, and with enemies tagged it ensures an easy Vandal kill. If there are tons of enemies rushing, your goal is to back off and wait for your team. Once you're ready to retake, use your Spycam to see where the enemies are camping post-plant, tag them and retake the site.

This is an easy strategy for Cypher beginners. Though if you want to be more advanced with Cypher, you should definitely learn defensive setups for each site of maps.

The Best Maps for Cypher

Although you can play Cypher on all maps, he benefits more on some maps than others. So you should after these maps if you want to rule with Cypher:


Split is a literal heaven for any Cypher main. There are too many sneaky setups and one-ways a Cypher can do on each defensive site, leaving the enemies vulnerable until they kill him. And by the time the enemy team deals with Cypher's traps and his impressive counter strafing when attacking, the other teammates would've retreated for a fair fight.

Dominate on Split with Cypher! | © Riot Games

When attacking, it's the same thing every time: place a Tripwire for flanks. Other than that, there's not much you can do on Split, except for keeping an eye on enemies post-plant.


Bind is a great map for Cypher for many reasons, one particular being there is no middle. So when you're defending with Cypher, your setups will be 100% effective if the enemy team attacks that side. And some camera setups ensure the full vision of the site without the enemy team even noticing it. For effective holds, you should definitely learn how to import some good crosshairs!

Valorant Bind
Try and watch those flanks on Bind! | © Riot Games

Attacking with Cypher on Bind can be tricky since placing a Tripwire for flanks can be eventually avoided by the enemy team. Other than that, Cypher is a beast on Bind.


Although there are 3 sites to overlook, Haven is still a great map for Cypher. If there is great team synergy when defending, Cypher can hold off a site pretty effectively on Haven. He can even lock off attacking backstabbers in the middle, as to know their location if they try anything sneaky. Though, when defending on Haven, you should avoid playing with a controller!

Valorant Haven
Keep a lookout on Haven with Cypher! | © Riot Games

Cypher's strategy when attacking is always the same: watch flanks. One Tripwire close to the barrier opening should be enough.

This is the end of Cypher's complete Valorant guide. If you found this guide useful, you should definitely follow us on Tiktok and Instagram and show us your Cypher outplays!