How To Counter Strafe in Valorant?

Every game has mechanics to be mastered. And Riot Games' tactical shooter Valorant has one important mechanic called counter strafe. Here you'll learn how to counter strafe in Valorant!

Does moving sideways work for Valorant? | © Riot Games

Riot Games really wanted to make Valorant a better competitive FPS than CS:GO. The team tactics, game mechanics, and aiming require practice. But even more important: you first need to learn them. One important mechanic that even pros use which came from CS:GO into Valorant is counter strafing. So here we'll take a look at how you can counter strafe in Valorant!

How to Counter Strafe in Valorant

To counter strafe in Valorant, you need to know what it actually means. Counter strafing is a movement mechanic which is often used to hold angles so the enemy can't kill you. When you shoot and move in Valorant, your accuracy is low and rarely you'll get a kill against a standing enemy with your Vandal. That's where counter strafing comes in.

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Firstly load in the Practice Range to train and get the hang of it. To counter strafe in Valorant, you'll have to move to one side with your "A" or "D" key, and once you want to stop, release the key and instantly press the opposite key. For example, if you're holding an angle that has an opening on the right, press the "D" key, once you're in the open release the "D" key, instantly press the "A" key, and shoot. The same thing applies if you're holding an opening to the left: while you're pressing the "A" key, once you're in the open release the "A" key, instantly release the "D" key, and shoot.

Gameplay Counterstrafe
Counter strafe in a nutshell. | © Riot Games

If you only release the key in the direction you're moving, your accuracy will be low for a moment until it stabilizes. Counter strafing essentially stops that moment, instantly giving you good and deadly accuracy to shoot down the enemies. Still, you should first practice counter strafing in the Practice Range and see how accurate your first bullet will be by trying out to instantly press the opposite key (counter-strafe) and by only releasing the movement key.

Counter Strafe Valorant Tips

Counter strafing requires aiming, so you must have your aim skills on point. Knowing where the enemy is beforehand is key to counter strafing, so firstly peak, then counter strafe. Many beginners make the mistake of counter strafing instantly, so practice before you get the hang of it!

Now you can confidently jump into Valorant, counter strafe and get all the enemies worked up! So, what are you waiting for, go out there and start practicing!