The 3 Best Valorant Agents For Beginners

Although Valorant is a relatively easy to understand game, new players always ask themselves this one question – which Agent to choose for the starters? And then – which one to unlock first? Don't worry, we got you.

Phoenix Valo
This fire boy might be your go-to! | © Riot Games

In general, we would not recommend you play Agents like Brimstone, Viper, Killjoy or Sova. Playing with these Agents requires knowledge of maps, callouts, and lineups. Don't get us wrong – you can try them, but it's rather not for people who haven't played a Valorant-like game before. But after you get the hang of it (you may be able to do it faster than others), all Agents have a similar skill cap when it comes to piloting them, so it's really all about your preference.

And which Agents have the lowest skill cap and are somewhat beginner-friendly? This is our top 3:


Phoenix valoo
Easy & free! | © Riot Games

Phoenix might be the best Valorant Agent for most of the new players. His abilities are straightforward to understand and easy to use on the battlefield – it's super basic flashbang, molly and wall. Thanks to consistent heal, you can also say that this character will forgive you many mistakes. Plus, he's one of the free Agents you get for the start!


Sage ez
For more control-ish players! | © Riot Games

If you prefer more support/control-ish gameplay, we recommend picking Sage as an Agent to start your Valorant adventure. Initially, you may be horrified by your teammates yelling, "Sage heal me please" or "Revive me what are you doing", but chill, this is just a feature of playing this character. We also like Sage because you can play both more defensively (classic support playstyle) and aggressively, and you won't likely be punished for it in the beginning. Oh, and it's also free!


Reyna vamp
One of the strongest Agents in the meta | © Riot Games

And if you enjoy an aggressive playstyle, the first Agent you might want to unlock will be Reyna. Not only is Reyna straightforward to pilot, but she is also one of the strongest characters and has probably the best blinding ability in the game. Moreover, as with Phoenix, the access to consistent healing makes this character forgive many mistakes you will make as a beginner. Huh, she dodged so many nerfs, but we don't know how long this will last, so enjoy her while you can! Just don't be a stereotype Duelist player: