Defending Plants With Shock Darts On Ascent

Sova is one of the better agents to pick on Ascent. However, you have to know the lineups, and there's no other way around it, especially on the Attackers side. We did the geometry homework for you to create some sweet Shock Dart lineups that will help you rock on Ascent.

Sova dart
Defenders won't stand a chance! | © Riot Games

Ascent is a bit more favorable to play for Defenders, mainly because of the easy ways to control mid and quick rotations. That said, even if we end up in a plant situation, we will often lose a lot of resources and maybe even the lives of our teammates. So, let's make this a little easier for you with some sweet Shock Dart lineups!

Lobby → A Site

All you have to do is plant a Spike in the right place and hide in the lobby. Then, once you hear the defuse sound (and you're sure your opponent isn't faking), just throw your darts accordingly to hear the "Clutch" voice line after a few seconds. It will often be a "win more" lineup in other situations, but it can single-handedly win you some rounds.

Stairs → A Site

This lineup can work a little better if you expect the Defenders team to rotate from the Mid and lobby. The great thing about this lineup is that none of your teammates even have to be on a Spike Site; one person can stand by the Lobby while you wait for the defuse sound patiently at the stairs. Still, if it will frequently be a "win more" lineup, so you don't need to save your arrows for it every round, but it's worth learning it.

Defenders Spawn → B Plant

Another lineup for Spike's defense that can also be used on the Defender's side, especially since this spot behind Tetris is probably the most popular plant area. This is perhaps the most effortless Shock Dart lineup to execute, and it can really mess things up. Even if you only learn this lineup alone and B Site will be your go-to spot, you can significantly increase your winrate on Ascent just like that.

Bonus Lineup: B Site → Top Mid

Speaking of B being your go-to spot; if you're defending B Site and your teammates tell you that there are many opponents on the Top Mid, that lineup can stop the push and gain a little more mid-control (or at least slow down the enemy team). However, be ready to execute it fast, as the timing is crucial for this particular lineup.

We hope that now your winrate on the Attackers side of the Ascent map will increase. If you want to learn more about the principles of Spike planting itself, have a look at this video: