Can you Play Valorant Using a Controller?

First-Person Shooters have been evolving throughout the years, so is Valorant ready to take the next step by adopting controllers for its gunplay too?

Can you use these with a controller? | © Riot Games

Can You Play Valorant With a Controller?

You can actually play Valorant using controllers! You might need to install some trusted external software or third-party applications to do so, but at the end of the day, a controller can still carry you through in-game matches. Trading the precision and fluidity of the mouse and keyboard for the comfort of buttons and triggers can come at the expense of those sweet frags and headshots, though, especially during competitive play. When using controllers, some video games literally implement slight aim-assist systems to help you to automatically readjust your aim towards the enemy when the crosshair is close enough, but Valorant is not that kind of game.

How To Play Valorant Using a Controller?

To play Valorant using controllers, you'd need to install some third-party apps. One popular app that players have been using to play Valorant with a controller is reWASD, allowing you to remap key bindings to specific buttons and layouts depending on your attached controller (PS, Xbox, etc.). However, due to certain security protocols like Riot Vanguard, you can actually be mistaken by the system to be a hacker trying to manipulate gameplay to gain a competitive advantage.

Unsurprisingly, this might lead to drastic unfair punishments like being kicked out of a match or even permanently banned from the game. Until official announcements are made by the developers to support the use of controllers in the game, it’s best to stick with the mouse and keyboard for now.

Best Agent to Play with a Controller

Your best "controller" Agent | © Riot Games

Thing is, the controller actually promotes run-and-gun plays in video games, and this is no exception for Valorant too! Influenced by games like Battlefield and Call of Duty, it would seem that the perfect Agent for you to play using a controller is any of the Duelist class, especially Jett! With Jett’s supreme maneuverability on tow, a controller can definitely help you to traverse in-game environments comfortably while also spamming her skills around as well. Will this improve your chances of winning in Ranked? We doubt it, but you can always prove us wrong, right?