How To Play Controller Agents? | Valorant Class Guide

Controllers might actually be one of the most challenging Agents to play. Here's everything on how you should play them to win more games!

Controller Class Guide
Here's everything you need to know about playing Controller Agents! | © Riot Games

Controllers are, in our opinion, the most interesting class in Valorant, and it is hard to win a match without its representative in the team comp. They may not be at the top of the scoreboard very often, but in a way, they are the ones "preparing Battlefield" for the rest of the Agents to frag.

It is also worth noting that all Controllers have access to a smoke ability, and if it weren't for Jett, you could say that this skill is exclusive to this class.

All Controller Agents in Valorant

As of now, there are five Controller Agents in Valorant, and these are:

Nowadays, the best Agent of the Controller class in the metagame by far are Brimstone and Viper. Omen is also a pretty decent Controller Agent, but he is actually quite hard to pilot, so many players may find it hard to get value out of him. Astra and Harbor are not that good as of now, and you should avoid picking them if your goal is to climb ranks.

Attacking With Controller Agents

Brimstone smokes
Don't let your smokes be random! | © Riot Games

When we play Controllers on the Attacking side, our primary goal is to effectively block the Defenders' vision and force them to reposition. Use your abilities so that the rest of your teammates can safely get to the Spike Site without worrying about finding themselves in an uncomfortable position where they can quickly die.

Most maps are favorable for Defenders, so without proper plays from your Controller, the chance of winning the game significantly drops. Plus, knowing your role's importance, you often need to think twice about whether you want to use your abilities for attacking or post-plant scenarios.

Defending With Controller Agents

The strategy on the Defenders' side will be similar to that on the Attackers' side. Simply put, whenever you suspect that your enemies will attack a specific area, you want to make it difficult for them – block their vision or slow them down with some kind of molly. This way, you will also give your teammates more time to rotate, reducing the odds of losing control over a Spike Site.

Moreover, whenever you place a smoke on the Spike Site entry, you will always see your enemies before they see you! Yup, that's the way it works – be sure to take advantage of that in your games.

3 Tips For Playing With Controller Agents

Finally, we have three rules that every Controller player who is aspiring for high ranks needs to know:

  • Learn lineups for pretty much every map. As we have mentioned, your class is virtually the only one with consistent and effective block-vision abilities, so you need to take advantage of that. Your smokes can't be random! And the same goes for mollies – they can buy so much time or even prevent an enemy from defusing/planting the Spike, which can be game-winning. Yes, we know that these lineups often require practice, math, etc. However, if you want to win games, then, well, do your damn math.
  • Avoid rushing. You are not the one who should rush, leave that job for your Duelist Agents! If you die, you are putting your team at so much risk because, well, obviously, they may end up with no smoker. And a Valorant team comp without a smoker is like... can't think of a comparison, but you know what we mean – it's not good. Not at all.
  • Think twice about using your smoke. Your initial strategy might not end up as your final one, and sometimes you may want to rotate, which might be super hard if the enemy team has a smoker, and you don't. You and your team should often think about a round strategy without using all of your valuable ability kit early on. Of course, in many cases it won't be optimal (especially during full-rounds), but try to look for that opportunity.

And that will be it for our Controller class guide! There was a lot of information, we know, so let us chill you a bit with some Controller memes:

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