Immortal | Valorant Rank Explained

How immortal the players who manage to get this rank really are? Let's find out!

Immortal rank valorant
Fun fact – it's Pokimane's rank! | © Riot Games

Immortal is the second-highest rank tier in a Valorant Competitive System. This rank is often a sign of high dedication to the game and impressive skills; it's the rank for some of the best grinders (including professional players). Moreover, Immortal is a rank that only ~1% of the entire player base has:

RankTop % of all players% of players in this rank
Immortal 11%0.7%
Immortal 20.3%0.2%

Immortal 3


So yeah, this means that if you would find yourself in a room with 100 Valorant players, you will statically beat 99 of them. That says it all, doesn't it?

How Good is Immortal Rank in Valorant?

Immortal is a rank for one of the best players out there. Your movement, aim skills, and habits are on point, and you are probably one of the role-model players to look out for in many aspects.

Tenz immortal
Even TenZ, one of the best players out there, has Immortal! | © Riot Games / TenZ

We would say that the only thing that separates Immortal players from the Radiant ones is the time spent grinding. When it comes to the skills, it's usually the same thing, but getting into the highest rank in Valorant will require some time spent climbing the ranked ladder. Still, if you are one of the Immortal players, your skills are top-notch, and you are probably ready to go pro.

How Many Hours Do You Need To Achieve Immortal?

It all depends on your experience with FPS games. If you had played games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before and had a high rank there, you can easily get this one in less than 500 hours. However, for most players, it will be a ~1500-hour grind, and for people who are starting from Iron, this may even be 3000 hours. After all, it's only ~1% of the player base, so it won't be a "piece of cake" for everyone.

Immortal dddd
You either grind, or you are out. | © Riot Games

If you play less than 30 hours every week, you might have a hard time getting there. You can already feel it in Diamond – people are trying hard to get there playing 5+ games per day, so it's no joke. Moreover, the RR gains at Diamond are relatively low, so you either dedicate yourself or you will get stuck for sure.

How To Get a Radiant Rank in Valorant?

But for some people, Immortal won't be enough. Some ambitious units just need to get to that highest rank, no matter what (I feel you). And well, here are some tips for them:

  • Stay focused on the game. Avoid any distractions; no music, social media, etc. This is "big boy stuff"; everyone wants to get into the 0.03% of the distribution, and there's no place for distractions. If you can't focus enough on the game on a given day – it's alright. Just play Deathmatch or Unrated and come back the next day. Still, don't play when your mind is all over the place; it's not worth your RR points. You need to perform at your best if you want to be among the best.
  • Be patient. RR gains at Immortal are not the highest. Honestly, it's mostly about getting a good win streak as everyone is good there. You just need to have a few sessions when you totally crush it, also known as "your days". But that doesn't happen every day, and we all know that. Just do your best and look for that juicy win streak.
  • Analyze your games with your duo partner. I personally like to say that growth begins the moment you tell yourself, "I'm bad at it" (also known as "conscious incompetence", I recommend you Google it). And the best option for seeing where you're bad is to look at your game from a third-person perspective. However, even though you'll look at your game from a third-person perspective, you'll continue to give yourself fare. That said, if you already record your games, watch them with your duo partner or a good player who will have an easy time criticizing you.
  • Focus on your weaknesses. If you are already good at something, there's no need to focus on it – you already got it. Now, just focus on the things you need to improve. Maybe it's communication, maybe it's movement, maybe it's tilting; whatever it is, spot it and work on it.
  • Don't underestimate practice. We know you're already practicing hard, but this point is more about giving that practice more thought rather than just breezing by it. Increasing your reaction time even for a millisecond can mean a win or loss situation for a Valorant match. Even if you've paid attention and watched VCT pro players on the big stage, you can notice them going over and over their aim practice routines right until the start of their match.

As you can see, these are more of the "mindset tips", rather than the aim/movement tips, and that's because you already have it all. All you need to do is go ham on the grind – but grind smart, not hard. Actually, no – smart and hard, that's the thing that will get you to that sweet Radiant rank.