Valorant Episode 5 Act 2: Rank Distribution

Today we're going to uncover all the secrets of rank distribution in Valorant!

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And how good are you in the distribution? Let's find that out! © Riot Games

Ever wondered what exactly it means to be in a particular rank? And even if you know and can pull all those percentages out of the back of your head, it may not be up-to-date, as the ranked system is changing constantly. See how the distribution of ranks has changed and how big of a difference the reset made.

Episode 5 Act 2: Ranked Distribution

Without further ado, let's check out what exactly ranked distribution looks like in Episode 5 Act 2:

RankTop% of all playersPercentage
Iron 11000.4
Iron 2991.6
Iron 397.44.3
Bronze 193.14.8
Bronze 288.36.3
Bronze 3826.4
Silver 175.68.0
Silver 2


Silver 360.27.5
Gold 152.77.7
Gold 2456.9
Gold 338.16.5
Platinum 131.66.4
Platinum 225.25.2
Platinum 3204.6
Diamond 115.44.3
Diamond 2


Diamond 37.82.5
Ascendant 15.32.1
Ascendant 23.21.3
Ascendant 31.90.9
Immortal 110.7
Immortal 20.30.2
Immortal 30.10.1

It is worth mentioning that rank distribution in Valorant looks more or less the same for every region, including the rule that Radiant is the top 500 of all players.