Valorant Agent Tierlist: Episode 7 Act 2

Being on pair with the meta can make your games easier, and improve your gameplay. Here are the current Act's best Agents post patch.

Demon1 Champions
Mastering the meta won Evil Geniuses their first International Title | © Riot Games

Having mechanical skills and in-game knowledge is crucial, but staying up-to-date with the meta is equally important. In today's Tierlist we will show you the best Agents per Class that you should prioritize in the coming period to get as much RR as possible.

Valorant Tierlist Explanation

This tier list works in a similar way as every other game that has characters on it. Same as in League of Legends or Dota 2, certain champions or heroes have patches where they are good, and patches where they should be avoided. Valorant is the game, and with every patch, we might want to temporarily say goodbye to some of our favorite heroes to salvage our RR and improve our gameplay.

These are the several factors that decide how meta a certain Agent is:

  • Current Winrate
  • Map Rotation
  • Recent Agent Changes
  • Current Meta

The tierlist will have four tiers from S being the best to D being the worst.

Valorant Agent Tier List: Duelists

Starting off with the duelists is no surprise as it's the all-time most popular Role in pubs. Even though duelists have the least amount of Agents in their class, they are in every team composition and they sometimes even form a 5-man duelist composition out of nowhere.

Duelist Tier List

  • S-Tier: Raze, Phoenix
  • A-Tier: Reyna
  • B-Tier: Jett,
  • C-Tier: Neon
  • D-Tier: Yoru

Valorant Agent Tier List: Initiator

Initiators are a must-have in every team composition, and every team should have at least one of them. They are the intel gatherers and fight initiators, and without their utility kit, the duelists will have a hard time doing what they are supposed to do.

Initiator Tier List

  • S-Tier: Fade, Skye
  • A-Tier: Sova
  • B-Tier: Gekko
  • C-Tier: Breach
  • D-Tier: KAY/O

Valorant Agent Tier List: Sentinel

Sentinels are the first line of defense in the team compositions and are crucial when shutting down the entry points and flanks. To do well while on Defender's Side, you need at least one sentinel, but often times it's completely fine to have more of them.

Sentinel Tier List

  • S-Tier: Killjoy
  • A-Tier: Sage
  • B-Tier: Cypher
  • C-Tier: Deadlock
  • D-Tier: Chamber

Valorant Agent Tier List: Controller

Controllers are the backbone of every team composition and they are what makes the team work well together. They are essential as they are the smokers, and their duty is to open up angles for their team when attacking, and closing them down when defending.

Controller Tier List

  • S-Tier: Brimstone, Astra
  • A-Tier: Viper
  • B-Tier: Omen
  • C-Tier: Harbor

All of the Controllers are in a good place right now, hence why they don't have a "D-Tier" and the others do. When choosing how to form your Agent pool, try to always prioritize at least one S-Tier Agent per Class. Being the "Flex Player" always benefits your team and you will on average gain more RR than you would lose, simply because you won't lack anything in your team composition.


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