How To Play Sova | Valorant Agent Guide

So, you want to understand how Sova works, and what are the best maps for this particular Valorant Agent? Well, then you have found yourself in the right place!

Sova Guide
Let's master this OG Initiator Agent! | © Riot Games / Valorfeed

Sova is one such Initiator Agent who is a party by design, and all thanks to his versatile ability kit. As reveal and damage abilities are always needed, so far, there has been no metagame in which Sova was useless. That said, let's see his entire kit and how we can play it to effectively climb the Valorant ranks.

Valorant Sova Abilities Explained

Shock Bolt

Default KeyQ


150 Credits

Shock Bolt is a ranged arrow that deals damage on landing (1 damage minimum, 75 damage maximum), with the center dealing the most damage. It can be fired with varied power, resulting in different ranges, which actually makes it a bit harder to use for new players. You will really have to practice setting it up, but once you do, it will act as a perfect tool to push enemies off spots and angles.

Owl Drone

Default KeyC


400 Credits

Owl Drone deploys is a flying scout drone with a camera and a 7-second flight time that you can use to gather intel on enemies and their current location. The drone is equipped with a marking dart that reveals enemies through walls at 2 periodic ticks, and the reveal currently lasts for 0.6 seconds per tick. One tip we might give you on this ability is flying the drone below head level to avoid being instantly shot down.

Recon Bolt (Signature Ability)

Default KeyE



Recon Bolt is a ranged scout arrow that reveals enemy locations. It creates a scanning field with a 30-meter radius and reveals anyone in the line of sight at periodic pulses. There is a 0.75 second reveal per pulse, with 1 pulse occurring every 1.6 seconds for a total of 3 pulses. It can bounce once or twice off any surfaces, depending on how will you set it up before throwing.

Hunter's Fury (Ultimate Ability)

Default KeyX


8 Ult Points

And lastly, we have Sova's Ultimate Ability, and well, it looks truly ultimate, we'll give him that. It equips you with a bow with 3 charges that reveal, knock back and damage all enemies within its range. It is best used in narrow environments, such as long hallways or when defending a planted Spike.

The Best Maps For Sova


Sova ult orb shock dart
Sova's best map, and it's not even close. | © Riot Games

Ascent is definitely Sova's best map, mainly thanks to its verticality, numerous tight corners, and small Spike Sites. You have the ability to reveal multiple enemy positions in narrow chokepoints from nearly anywhere on the map! Moreover, if you can go somewhere with your Recon Dart, you can also go there with your Shock Dart, which means that you have super high damage potential, especially if you check out our guide on the best defending Sova lineups for Ascent.


Sova haven lineup
Sova's reveal abilities + Odin = GG | © Riot Games

Another map with lots of tight corners you might want to nade is Haven. Other than that, the map is full of wallbang spots, so if you have the exact intel on where your enemies are, that just clicks together, doesn't it? We also have to remember that it is a map with three Spike Sites, so the more information you have on what your enemy is doing, the better, and it will make a significant difference.


Sova bind showers lineup
Sova's Darts are just OP on Bind. | © Riot Games

Sova's arrows can cover almost every angle on Bind due to the open and vertical nature of the map, allowing for valuable intel gathering. You can hold Spike Sites from afar, providing cover to your team and allowing them to push the area safely. However, you will really have to practice lineups for hours to get the most potential.

And that's it for our Sova guide! Now as you understand how it works, you have to remember one thing — despite a highly versatile kit, Sova is a pretty hard Agent to play. So yeah, you won't necessarily be at the top of the scoreboard right after you queue it. Still, if you are willing to commit some time, knowing how to play this Agent can be a great asset for your ranked climb.

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