Angle Snapping In Valorant - What Is It & How To Use

Angle snapping can help you be more consistent with your tracking, but also crutch you when you need snappy crosshair movement.

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Angle Snapping is a hot topic of conversation. I ©Riot Games

If you're a Valorant player looking to improve in the game consistently, chances are you've dabbled into the settings the game offers you. You can change your aim sensitivity, your crosshair, the graphics for better performance, and much more.

Even more advanced settings like Input Raw Buffer can help you improve ever so slightly. Now, players are finding out about more techniques that can be used in FPS games to mixed results, with many hoping it'll take their game to the next level - Angle snapping being one of them.

So, what is angle snapping?

Angle Snapping In Valorant Explained

In short, angle snapping is a feature present in certain mice that allows for smoother tracking when moving the mouse around. To best exemplify what this means, picture yourself drawing a straight line, inevitably, you might deviate ever so slightly from the trajectory, this is where angle snapping comes in, predicting your pattern and correcting it automatically.

This sounds incredible for quick snappy flicks, allowing you to smoothly change from one target to another. But what happens if you need to readjust your tracking at different heights? Well, it might make you feel a bit awkward, but it won't fundamentally change your aim style.

Should You Use Angle Snapping In Valorant?

While many consider cheating or some sort of aim assist, angle snapping is perfectly acceptable by Riot Games to use in Valorant. If you're a newer player that's still learning crosshair placement, diagonal movement, and moving from one target to another, it should be really helpful!


If you want to know more about angle snapping, check out the video down below by Kariyu:

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