Valorant Update Pausing - How To Fix

Are you trying to play Episode 6 Act 1 to no avail? Some of these fixed to help your download resume might help you.

Raze valorant
Some of these fixes might help you. I © Riot Games

It's no secret that the Riot client generally downloads updates relatively slowly, it can make players frustrated enough without constant pauses, which has sadly occurred to many trying to get patch 6.0 to play Episode 6 Act 1.

With fans trying to test the new map, Lotus, the revamped Split, and get a closer look at the new premium bundle, Araxys, it's understanding the servers might be having a rough time attempting to accommodate every single player.

Valorant Download Stuck - How To Fix

Don't be alarmed if the download is slow, or even if it pauses, as it's somewhat normal (frustratingly so) when a big patch like this drops. This can be caused by multiple issues, some of which can be directly related to your PC.

Reset Network Settings

This is an easy one but one that not a lot of people know about. Follow these steps to essentially refresh your internet connection from the PC side of things:

  • Open Settings and go to the Network & Internet tab
  • Select 'Advance Network Settings Option
  • Click on Network Reset and hit Reset Now

Alternatively, simply try the good old router reset.

Close Other Apps

Listen, we know you love your Spotify and Twitter, and looking at some lineup YouTube videos while you wait for the update to download. But maybe just this once, close all other background apps and let your PC focus on getting your download completed.

Restart The Download

Sounds simple enough and it might be frustrating to do when the download was about to complete, but if it's completely stuck, close out the Riot Client and reset the download from scratch.

Update Drivers, Graphics & More

Do a quick scan of things that might need updating. Could be your drivers, maybe a graphics update, whatever it is, make sure to keep it up to date.

Restart Your PC

If all else fails, simply give the good old restart PC method a nice college try. Wouldn't hurt now, would it?


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