Valorant Episode 6: All Split Changes

After missing from the game for over six months, Split is back and better than ever, or at least that's what Valorant fans hope.

Split valorant map ranked
Split is finally back with some changes. I ©Riot Games

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 promises a complete slew of changes to spice up the experience in a big way. For one, there's the expected battle pass filled with all sorts of goodies, then we have a premium skin bundle that's one of the best in the game, and of course, the debut of the game's ninth map: Lotus, which features three sites, rotatable doors, breakable walls, and more.

Finally, we have a new map rotation in place, with Breeze and Bind leaving, and Split coming back to the game! Now, don't expect the old version of the small but lovable map to be put back in the game as is. Riot Games has revealed plenty of changes that will drop with Episode 6 and Patch 6.0.

So, what changed? Let's find out.

All Split Changes For Valorant Episode 6

Let's start by covering the changes on A site.

A Main Before

Split A main before
A Main before. I ©Riot Games

A Main After

Split a main after
A Main after. I ©Riot Games

Entering A Site from main was always a bit of a pickle, so now Riot has widened the area with a ledge for defenders to have more areas to cover. Furthermore, the boost box next to the orb has been reduced to favor attackers.

A Rafters before

A rafters before
A Rafters before. I © Riot Games

A Rafters after

A rafters after
A Rafters after. I ©Riot Games

For Rafters, the under-over area was completely scrapped, once again favoring attackers as there's one less small area to clear.

A Ramps before

A ramps before
A Ramps before. I © Riot Games

A Ramps after

A ramps after
A Ramps after. I © Riot Games

On Ramps defender had a smaller advantage due to how the design of the place was created. Now, Ramps is more flat making both teams warier and having to engage in similar conditions.

Mid Before

Mid after
Mid before. I ©Riot Games

Mid After

Mid before
Mid after. I ©Riot Games

This is a very subtle change and we won't be surprised if you can't spot it, it took us a while too! Simply check the bottom right of the image, Riot removed the trick jump into Mid box.

In its place, players can now silent drop from Mid platform.

B Tower before

B tower before
B Tower before. I ©Riot Games

B Tower after

B tower after
B Tower after. I ©Riot Games

For B Tower, defenders won't be able to jump up the box anymore, according to Riot, this was done to "simplify the space."

B Rope Pocket before

B rope pocket before
B Rope before. I ©Riot Games

B Rope Pocket After

B rope pocket after
B Rope after. I ©Riot Games

Finally, for B Rope, Riot made the space simpler to clear for attackers by smoothing out the wall corner.


And that's it! Are you a fan of these changes?

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