Everything You Need to Know About the Valorant Battle Pass System

Valorant's Battle Pass is one of the best deals you can find in the game, so it's worth understanding how it works to take advantage of it and gain some free skins.

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Battle Passes are an integral part of many free online games and provide an excellent income option for game developers, as well as motivation for players to grind the game for hours on end, and Valorant is no different. Grinding an Act Battle Pass is the most popular method for getting cosmetics like new weapon skins, Radianite Points, and other cool cosmetics in Valorant, which is why it is such a big deal for many players. After all, who doesn't love cheap skins? So, let's discuss how does it all work exactly!

What is a Valorant Act Battle Pass?

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What's this whole thing about in the first place? | © Riot Games

Let's start with discussing these whole Act & Episode thing around the Valorant Battle Pass. So, Episodes set the theme for the game's lore and content, with each one telling a different story. Acts, on the other hand, are essentially Battle Passes that are released about every two and a half months and include about 50 in-game cosmetics that often match the theme of the current Episode.

Each Valorant Act Battle Pass contains 50 levels, known as Tiers, which require you to earn a certain amount of XP to unlock rewards like Radianite Points or in-game cosmetics. The later the Tier, the more XP you'll need to earn it.

How Much Does the Valorant Battle Pass Cost?

In theory, Valorant Battle Passes are free to access by anyone, but in practice, you would need to spend 1000 Valorant Points to unlock their full version, and that would be about $10. For comparison, in the free version of the Battle Pass, you will only get 10 rewards including only one weapon skin, while in the "full version" you get 50 cosmetics including skins for 13 different weapons.

What Is In The Valorant Battle Pass?

Here is a typical set of rewards you can find in the Valorant Act Battle Pass:

Weapon Skins13
Gun Buddies10
Player Cards16


Player Titles


Radianite Points18

Every Battle Pass contains weapon skins for three exclusive skin lines that are usually non-upgradeable.

It's worth mentioning that if you care about skins for more popular weapons such as Vandal, Phantom, or Knife, you will usually find them in later Tiers (30+), so you'll indeed have to grind a bit. For that, you may want to check out our guide, in which we discuss the best methods for gaining fast XP in Valorant: How To Gain XP Fast In Valorant

Is Valorant Act Battle Pass Worth It?

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Some Valorant Battle Pass rewards can be truly beautiful. | © Riot Games

Yes, we think that Valorant Act Battle Pass is almost always absolutely worth it. In fact, we consider Battle Passes in Valorant as one of the best deals you will ever get in the game. Like, come on, for about $10, you can get more than 50 different exclusive rewards, and even if you won't level the Battle Pass up to 100%, you should also be fine.

For example, here's a set of rewards you can get for leveling up your Act Battle Pass to just Tier 25:

Weapon Skins6
Gun Buddies4
Radianite Points80
Player Cards


Player Titles2

So yeah, it's absolutely worth it, and if you are a Valorant player with a $10 lying around, we don't see a single reason on why you shouldn't spend it on the Valorant Act Battle Pass. Skins in Valorant can get super expensive, and getting up to 13 of them for virtually free is just insane, so don't miss out on it.

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