Valorant Lore Story Explained: Mirror Earth, First Light & More [Updated]

Riot Games has ensured that Valorant has an exciting and mysterious lore story. And so, we researched and gathered all the most essential information about Valorant lore, and you will find it all in this article!

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Valorant's lore is really something special! | © Riot Games

Valorant's lore and the story have developed rapidly for the time the game's been out. Every Agent has their own story in Valorant's world, but we won't cover that here. Instead, we will look at the main storyline, and see what it is all about. Enjoy!

Valorant Lore: The First Light Event and Radianite

Valorant is set in a near-future scenario on Earth, currently around the year 2049-2050. What started it all was an event known as the First Light event that caused rifts in the sky to appear in the year 2039; these rifts gave Earth an element known as Radianite. Radianite is so powerful that it's the cause of Earth's 3/4 of power supply, and it gave the Valorant agents their superpowers!

Valorant First Light Event 2 Sova
Sova and Skye looking at First Light event rifts! | © Riot Games

Sova from a voice line claims that he has traveled these rifts: "Don't be afraid. I've gone through rifts before.". Agents that got Radianite coverage obtained their abilities, while other agents like Cypher use Radianite to create gadgets. Stil,, such a powerful element is bound to be used for evil purposes and other means. There is even a theory that some Agents really have some bad intentions, like Reyna, Fade or Chamber, so also the hottest Agents out there. What a coincidence.

Valorant Story: The Kingdom Corp. and VALORANT Protocol

The Kingdom corporation is a company that had existed long before Radianite came into our Earth. What's important about the Kingdom corporation in Valorant's lore is that they instantly got big once Radianite came into our Earth in 2039. They use Radianite to power 3/4 of Earth's power supply and are the leading company for Radianite experiments.

However, to achieve these goals, the Kingdom corporation has destroyed many cultures, cities, and forests. This caused Agents like Cypher to hate the Kingdom corporation, mostly for destroying their homelands.

Kingdom Corp Valorant
The Kingdom Corp. is the worst! | © Riot Games

These outrages and Radianite crises were stopped by another organization called the VALORANT Protocol. The VALORANT Protocol consists of every agent, some working truly for the organization, while others only seek benefits from it. Apart from the Kingdom corporation's evil misdoings, there's another bigger threat lurking in the shadows…

Valorant Lore: Mirror Earth and DUALITY Explained

There are parallel worlds in Valorant. The biggest threat to our Earth is a parallel world known as Mirror Earth. Mirror Earth is running out of Radianite, and if you didn't notice, Radianite is pretty important in the future. So they use portals to travel to our Earth and steal Radianite with the spike. Sounds familiar? That's right, it is all in the gameplay: the Attackers are Mirror Earth, while the defenders are our original Earth.

In the DUELISTS cinematic we got to see Mirror Jett and Phoenix battle it out with their Vandals to steal Radianite. So, Mirror Jett succeeds, blowing up a place in Venice, Italy, and causing the map Ascent. In the DUALITY cinematic above Phoenix witnessed his Mirror version for the first time not knowing the situation. So the VALORANT Protocol keeps secrets even from its agents. The Valorant story was that for some time until Fracture came around with tons of lore information…

Valorant Story: Fracture and Alpha-Omega Bridge

Most of the Valorant maps are mostly used to store Radianite. However, Fracture is actually a Radianite testing facility known as the "Everett-Lynde testing facility". Scientists from both our Earth and Mirror Earth were collaborating to create the machine in the middle of Fracture known as the Radian Collider that would create Radianite for Mirror Earth's insufficient supply. This facility was managed by our Kingdom corporation and Mirror Earth's version of it, known as Kingdom Industries.

Fracture valorant lore
Fracture holds many secrets. | © Riot Games

One side of the map is for our Earth while the other is for Mirror Earth. Chamber didn't like this machine, so he made a deal with his Mirror counterpart and blew up Fracture. You can check out the video above for Chamber's full perspective on blowing up Fracture and killing all the scientists there. What's important now though is that Fracture had a portal to Mirror Earth. And so, Chamber stole the blueprints for this portal and gave them to the VALORANT Protocol.

The portal is known as the Alpha-Omega bridge, with Alpha being our world and Omega being Mirror Earth. What is more, Killjoy and Neon are the ones who built and powered up this portal! Fade's the first one to travel through it, finding herself in Lisbon, Portugal, and this is where Pearl is. Although the VALORANT Protocol succeeded in traveling to Mirror Earth, it seems like there are 2 other scientists from Fracture who got there too…

Valorant Lore: Who are Oran and Ruben Fracture?

When Fracture got released, there were emails floating around the map between 2 scientists: Oran from our world and Ruben from Mirror Earth. They worked closely together, and their emails show interest in traveling to Mirror Earth. And it looks like they've succeeded as shown from the "Yellows on Rails" player card (Oran and Ruben are in the train cart).

Valorant Oran Ruben Lore Story
Oran and Ruben from behind the scenes! | © Valorfeed, Riot Games

From the Operations board on the Practice Range, we can also see that the VALORANT Protocol has been keeping an eye on these scientists, specifically Ruben. It seems like Oran and Ruben have a bigger role in Valorant's lore even though they aren't agents.

So, that's everything we know about Valorant's lore and story as of now. It's been nothing but interesting so far, so we can hope to unravel Mirror Earth and Radianite's mysteries in Valorant!