Valorant Map Guide Fracture: Callouts & Strategies

Although Fracture isn't the most popular map out there, it still has its strategies and callouts in competitive play. We breakdown everything you need to know to rank up in Valorant's Fracture map.

Valorant Fracture Ranked
Start winning on Fracture! | © Riot Games

Ever since the release of Fracture, players found a special place in their hearts to hate it. Though the map isn't the most popular amongst the playerbase it's still in the map pool played competitively. This means you'll have to know Fracture strategies and callouts to climb ranks. That's why here we'll check out a guide on how to play on Fracture!

Fracture Map: Callouts

Here's the whole Fracture map with all the main Fracture callouts:

Fracture Main Callouts
Every Fracture map callout. | © Riot Games

Fracture's main map callouts are really well made. Everything's explained straightforwardly, except for the on-site callouts. You can also guide yourself around these Fracture callouts, for example, a good callout would be "behind A-Dish". You can check these callouts by pressing M or Caps Lock if you haven't changed the keybinds.

A-Site Fracture Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Fracture A-site callouts:

A Site Fracture Callouts 2
Fracture A-site callouts. | © Riot Games

Other maps may have more complicated callouts, but Fracture's A-site callouts are easy to remember. Also, note that all maps that have an upper and lower region on-site are respectively called Heaven and Hell. Other A-site Fracture callouts you need to remember are visible on the map (Caps Lock/M) so you can tell your teammates where the enemies are so they can kill them with the best Vandal skins!

How to Attack A-Site on Fracture

The best strategy for attacking A-site on Fracture is to send 3 players through A-Main and 2 players through A-Drop. Have a Controller agent on your team who will smoke off areas where the enemies are camping, such as the A-Link door, A-Rope Heaven, and in between these locations. After that, use recon search abilities to see if anyone's hiding on-site Heaven and Hell. If there are enemies there, use flash and molly abilities to defeat them and plant the spike.

Fracture Brim Smoke
Example of Brimstone smokes on A-site Fracture. | © Riot Games

After you plant the spike, you can protect it either from A-Main or while being on-site. Use all and any abilities to stall time here until the spike detonates. Also, make sure to place Sentinel agent traps right at the barriers of entry before the round starts for A-Site to keep track of lurking enemies and flanks.

How to Defend A-Site on Fracture

The best way to defend A-site on Fracture is to keep the enemies at bay as much as possible before your whole team arrives. The main locations you have to overview are A-Main and A-Drop. It's best if you smoke off these areas since it'll make the enemies' entry much harder. You should also listen for the A-Door audio queue, which means that enemies can potentially be entering the site through there. So don't be afraid to use detecting and Duellist flash abilities here!

If by some chance the enemies enter the site and plant the spike, you'll have to use your abilities on Heaven and Hell to bring out any enemies hiding there. Once you take control of that area, make sure to clear A-Main and A-Drop of any potential enemies. If there are 2-3 players succeeding in defeating the enemies on-site, then one can defuse the spike while the others can overlook enemies on A-Drop and A-Main with their best knife skins.

B-Site Fracture Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Fracture B-site callouts:

B Site Fracture Callouts 2
Fracture B-site callouts. | © Riot Games

Unlike the A-site, Fracture's B-site has more potentially dangerous locations you'll have to take stock of. You can view some of them by opening the map while practicing the others. One location not visible above is on B-site straightforward from Tower's entrance called B-site Camp.

How to Attack B-Site on Fracture

The strategy you'll want to achieve when you attack Fracture's B-site is to firstly smoke off important locations such as Arcade Pass, B-Link, Canteen, and even Tower. After that, use Duellist and Initiator flashes and push aggressively to take control of the site. Make sure to send at least one player through Tower.

Fracture Brim Smoke 3
Example of Brimstone smokes on B-site Fracture | © Riot Games

After you plant the spike, you can fall back and defend it through B-Main, wait for a defuse audio queue at Tower, or defend from B-site Camp. Enemies will mostly come through B-Link and Canteen. Like for A-site, make sure to place Sentinel agent traps before the barrier entry points to watch out for flanks. The only thing that remains here is if you should defend with the Vandal or Phantom!

How to Defend B-Site on Fracture

When you're defending B-site on Fracture, you should watch over Arcade through Tower and B-Main for enemies. Use flash and smoke abilities here to keep the enemies away until your team rotates for a full-on fight. And rotating on Fracture for defenders is pretty easy since both sites are connected through the spawn.

If the enemies plant the spike, you'll have to defeat them all before you defuse the spike. Clear off Tower and B-site first, and use detecting abilities to locate any enemies on B-site Camp. If you have more players alive on your team after this, one can defuse the spike while the other can overwatch B-Main. Though if you're alone, you'll have to defeat any enemies on B-Main before you try to defuse the spike with the best Phantom skins.

Best Team Composition on Fracture

Here's an excellent Fracture team composition you should aim for when you play the map:


Ideally, two Sentinel agents on Fracture work really well within the map's boundaries. Though if you want to make changes, you can change Cypher for Killjoy or Raze for Jett. Note that these changes won't make the team composition better, they're just for practice reasons only.

This is the only Fracture map guide you'll ever need. Though the strategies may vary, they end up following the same pattern of smoking, then flashing, then defeating the enemies. Now the only thing left for you is to practice these callouts and strategies so you can get to Radiant in no time!