Valorant Map Guide Breeze: Callouts & Strategies

Breeze is one of the longest maps in Valorant, presenting a lot of wide angles, callouts, and strategies. Here you'll get a complete guide on how to play on the Valorant map Breeze.

Valorant Breeze Ranked
Win games against enemies on Breeze! | © Riot Games

Valorant maps tend to have short and wide angles for all weapons, be it the Vandal or Phantom. Breeze is kind of an exception to this rule by having mostly long and wide angles. Because of this, the map has different rules, strategies, and callouts players have to follow to win on Breeze. That's why here we'll take a look at a complete guide for the Valorant map Breeze!

Breeze Map: Callouts

Here are all the main Breeze callouts about the whole map:

Breeze Map Main Callouts
Every Breeze map callout | © Riot Games

As you can see, all the main callouts are pretty great and fleshed out for the best Vandal skin users. The whole Midsection is covered excellently, and you can guide yourself around these callouts for specific locations such as "behind Mid Pillar". It'll take some practice before you learn all these callouts, but you can always check them out in-game by pressing Caps-Lock or M, depending on if you haven't changed your key bind.

A Site Breeze Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main A-site Breeze callouts:

Breeze A Site Callouts 2
Breeze A-site callouts | © Riot Games

There are a lot of callouts on A-site Breeze. Some of them you can check out on your map, but other important callouts aren't on the map such as Cubby. But they're easy to guide through and there's nothing to be scared of if you put in some practice with your favorite Phantom skins. The Default Plant callout here can vary though since it's either beside the Right Pyramid or at the Right Pyramid location overseeing A-Main/Cave.

How to Attack A Site on Breeze

Attacking A-site on Breeze is pretty easy. Your team's main entry point should be through A-Main. Have a Controller agent smoke some vital angles and points to cut out the enemies' vision, such as between the Left and Right Pyramid, Default Plant, and Stairs. That's why Viper is great on Breeze: with 1 ability she can cut the whole map in half. Then use flash and detecting abilities to flesh out enemies hiding in Cubby or somewhere around BackSite. Plant the spike at Right Pyramid overlooking A-Main if you have the chance. If there's enemy pressure, use Default Plant.

You can also send 1-2 players through A-Hall to take control over A-Bridge and defenders trying to rotate to A-site. Sending players through Mid Doors is also a viable option but a bit more dangerous since the chances of being backstabbed are high. Although the stakes of having better control from Mid Doors towards BackSite and Orange is extremely useful. Once you plant the spike, go to A-Main since you'll have a great overview of the spike.

How to Defend A Site on Breeze

Your goal towards defending A-site on Breeze is to take care of the enemies at their entry point. If you have an Operator, use it to get easy kills from enemies trying to early-peak onto the site from A-Main since first-bloods matter. You can do this by staying at Default Plant, between Pyramids, or even at Doors. The Doors location is a bit of a dangerous place since enemies can open it from A-Hall. This brings us to the next point: have a player overlook A-Hall and Mid Doors. Lurking enemies are devastating for A-site on Breeze, so never forget to have at least 1 player overlook these locations.

Valorant Breeze Defend 2
In between the Pyramids angle hold towards A-Main | © Riot Games

For retake situations, take the site step-by-step. Firstly clear out anything at the BackSite, Orange, and Doors. Then make sure Cubby, Pyramids, and Mid Doors are cleared of enemies. After that, clear off A-Main since the chances are high that the enemies are hiding there. Don't be afraid to use flash, detecting, smoke abilities, and even your ultimate here because if you don't, retaking the site will be impossible.

B Site Breeze Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main B-site Breeze callouts:

Breeze B Site Callouts 2
Breeze B-site callouts | © Riot Games

Because of the Pillar callout, you can guide yourself and your friends around it. For example, behind Pillar, on the left of Pillar, on the right of Pillar, etc. Aside from that, these callouts are pretty easy to remember. You'll mostly find enemies lurking with their best Specters at Lane or BackSite.

How to Attack B Site on Breeze

When attacking B-site, you should send in 3-4 players on-site from B-Main and 1-2 players to enter through the Tunnel from B-Elbow. The strategy's always the same: use smokes to lessen the enemies' vision and angles, and here those places would be at Arches and Tunnel. You could also smoke off on-site choke-hold places, but it's best you clear off the site using flash and detecting abilities such as KAY/O's knife.

Da Brimmy3
Excellent Brimstone B-site Breeze smoke example | © Riot Games

Players that are trying to enter the site through the Tunnel should be careful of enemies located at Mid-Nest, rotating enemies from Mid Doors, and the Tunnel itself. Strafe to plant the spike at Default, then fall back towards B-Main and head towards B-Windows. Be careful since enemies may be lurking here. From B-Windows you'll have an excellent overview of the spike, so once you hear the enemies trying to defuse, peak, and if they stick to the defuse, kill them.

How to Defend B Site on Breeze

Defending B-site on Breeze is a bit tricky since if you try to overlook B-Main, you can get shot down from B-Window and B-Main itself, TenZ style. So have 2 players on B-site, one overlooking B-main from an off-angle such as at the Wall or at the Lane stairs and the other player overlooking the Tunnel. Use smoke abilities directly at the entrances and flash abilities freely here to find out more about the enemies' location and keep them at bay until your team rotates for a fair fight.

Breeze Cypher Defend Smth
Example of holding B-site on Breeze with Cypher | © Riot Games

For retakes, it's best you enter from Arches and clear out BackSite and Lane since enemies mostly hide there. Slowly and carefully progress either from Wall or BackSite. Either way, make sure Tunnel, Cubby, and Lane are cleared of enemies. Now to defuse the spike, you'll want to check the corners of B-Main, and if there isn't an enemy there, smoke off the B-Main entrance since you probably won't have time to go clear out B-Window. Then defuse the spike while being careful of still on-lurking enemies.

Best Team Composition on Breeze

Of course, some agents will perform better than others with their abilities combined on Valorant maps. So here's a Breeze team composition of agents you'll want to have for the map:


It's recommended you don't change this team comp for Breeze. The agents fit perfectly, though if you do want to make changes, make sure the agent you're changing to is the same role as the agent you're removing from the team composition. This is mostly recommended for beginner players.

This is the end of the Valorant Breeze guide. With this guide, you should be able to climb to Radiant in no time! But you have to stick to practicing these callouts and strategies so you can start seeing noticeable results.