Valorant Map Guide Split: Callouts & Strategies

Split is an easy-to-understand map with many callouts and strategies in Valorant. So here we'll check out a complete guide for how to play on the Valorant map Split.

Valorant Split Ranked
Destroy your enemies with this guide on Split! | © Riot Games

Split may not be liked by most of the player base, but it's still an excellent Valorant map and easy to understand by beginner players. Even with that the map still has some strategies and callouts you should know. So here we'll take a look at a complete guide for the Valorant map Split!

Split Map: Callouts

Here are all the main and simple Split callouts including the whole map:

Split Map Callouts Guide 2
Every Split map callout | © Riot Games

As you can see, Split's middle is laid out with great callouts. Say you're attacking you can use the Mid-Top callout to tell your teammates if there's an Operator Jett waiting to pick off some kills. But the main sites aren't covered with all that great callouts, so let's check out all the callouts for each Split side including attacking and defending strategies!

A Site Split Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main A-site Split callouts:

A Split Callouts 2
Split A-site callouts | © Riot Games

For all sites, if there's an open above area, that's called Heaven while the area below's called Hell. You could also use the callout Tower for Heaven on Split, but it isn't practical. The A-site Split callouts are really easy to navigate through since the site doesn't provide a lot of complexity. For example, if someone's hidden with their Vandal or Phantom planting at Terminal, you can use the callout "Behind Terminal".

How to Attack A Site on Split

The attackers on Split are mostly at a disadvantage since the map's more oriented towards defenders. With that said, your main goal towards attacking A-site on Split is placing smokes on Heaven and Screens (sometimes even Ramps). Then slowly clear out the site of enemies with flashes and recon/detecting abilities like KAY/O's knife. You'll also want to send 1-2 players towards Tower/Heaven, but be careful since enemies may be lurking near Ramps and Mid Vents.

Brimstone Smokes Split A Site
An excellent example of A-Site Split Brimstone smokes | © Riot Games

Once you plant the spike, your next goal is to defend it. On A-site Split, you should watch out for enemies coming most importantly from Heaven and Screens. To make sure enemies aren't flanking from A-main, make sure to place a Sentinel detecting ability. For example, place Cypher's trap either before you even attack behind you or at the main entrance towards the A-site.

How to Defend A Site on Split

As we previously mentioned, the A-site Split favors defenders. Since the site only has 1 main entry point into it, your goal is to keep the enemies at bay on their doorstep. Have a player on Ramps, then another player either at Screens or Heaven overlooking A-main. Use damaging, smoke, and flash abilities here, because once the enemies enter A-site with their best Vandals and head towards Terminal, it'll be much harder to retake.

You should also have a player on Mid to watch out for potential lurking enemies. You can even close off the whole Mid with a Sage wall. So always remember that your main points defending on A-site are A-main and Ramps. These are the only ways for the enemies to capture the site, besides taking it from Mid.

B Site Split Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main B-site Split callouts:

B Split Callouts Guide 2
Split B-site callouts | © Riot Games

Compared to the map's A-site, B-site is much more comprehensive with lots of callouts. It has the same Heaven and Hell structure with Rafters included. If you exercise these callouts, they'll start to become much easier to remember. This site also has only 1 entry point from B-main with players often taking Mid with their favorite melee skins for better site control.

How to Attack B Site on Split

To attack B-site, you first need to know the enemies' main hiding locations. You'll often find them hiding at Heaven, Back Site, or Default. To take care of Heaven, you can either place smokes there or place a Sage wall immediately on the right after entering through B-main. Then use recon/detecting and Duelist flash abilities to take care of enemies at Default, Back Site, and Alley. You can also send 1-2 players on Mid to cut off any rotating enemies from Mid Vents and surprise the enemies.

B Site Sage Good Wall
A perfect example for Sage wall when attacking B-site on Split (takes care of Heaven and Hell) | © Riot Games

Once you defeat the enemies and plant the spike, you should either hide at Back Site or go back to B-Garage. The enemies will mostly come from Heaven and Alley, so those are your main watchpoints. And to take care of any flanking enemies, place a Sentinel ability right at the beginning of B-Garage like Killjoy's Alarmbot.

How to Defend B Site on Split

Defending B-site on Split is pretty easy. Your goal is to defeat the enemies right at B-Garage. This is their main entry point, so if they make a successful entry onto the site through here, be assured it won't be easy to retake. Using a detecting ability early in the round like Fade's Haunt into B-Garage is essential to gather info about the enemies. Also, make sure to have a player overlooking Mid for any potential enemies.

If the enemies plant the spike, you can retake B-site either through Heaven, Alley, or B-Garage. These locations may be heavily overlooked by the enemies, but you should use damaging and flash abilities to your advantage. Firstly find where the enemies are camping, then make them reposition with damaging and flash abilities. Once they are confused and surprised, use this to your advantage to defeat them and defuse the spike.

Best Team Composition on Split

Some agents will always be better and perform really great than others on Split. So here's an excellent team composition on Split you should aim for:


This team composition will grant you nice wins on Split if everyone knows how to play their agent. You can change Neon for Jett, and Astra for either Breach or Viper if you want to. But please note these agents won't make the team comp better, they are just possible changes that can work out too.

So this is the end of the complete guide for the Valorant map Split. This will make you climb out of that Bronze faster than you could think of. But for this guide to work, exercise, and learn the essential callouts for Split and stick to the strategies with your teammates!