Valorant: Public Beta Environment 101

Public Beta Environment is a server that is used for testing new agents and features in order to fix the bugs that could occur with them.

Kill Joy Keyboard
Killjoy applying for access to the PBE | Riot Games

Valorant has updates regularly, and new features and agents arise with them. To fix the bugs that come with them, game developers have various ways of locating and fixing them.

Valorant PBE Server

The most used techniques for bug detection are:

  • Hiring testers to play the game before its release
  • Make a test server where players locate the bugs.

Riot Games opt-out for the second approach and have their PBE server for Valorant and League of Legends. The PBE gets all the new agents or features released before the main client. Its purpose is to prevent bugs or unwanted changes from occurring on the main server release, so everything from patch notes to new agents gets released here first.

Except for the in-game stuff like Maps, Agents, or updates, new skins are also released in the PBE, and players have reported that skins with the pricetag of 1775 VP and lower appear in the rotating shop. And they are all FREE.

Raze boom bot falls to into the void on Ascent B main when deployed against wall. from ValorantPBE

Bug fixing works in the way that the community plays on the beta server and receives exclusive access to features others don't have yet, and in return, they help the game detect the bugs. In the Reddit post above, you can see a PBE tester reporting a bug to the game developers.

Valorant PBE Requierements

The sign-up requirements for the PBE server are:

  • You must be from the North American region, and you must consistently play there
  • Your live account must be ban and restriction free.

The second requirement is common sense and understandable, but the first one is something players complain about. Riot declared that they want the bug fixes to be quick. To get that "quickness," they've decided they want the server to be active in the same region that their developers are from. All of the Valorant game developers are from NA, and it's not uncommon to see them reply to Reddit posts about reported bugs.

These are the two main requirements, but fulfilling them alone won't get you accepted instantly. Although not listed in their official requirements, they also check if you are playing Valorant consistently, so you could say that that is the third requirement.

How To Join Valorant PBE

If you fulfill all of the requirements, it's time for you to send your application.

  1. Click this link (It will lead you to the PBE registration page)
  2. Scroll down and click the red Apply here button.
  3. If you're not logged in, it will prompt you to log in to your Valorant Live account.
  4. Download the PBE Client
  5. Wait for the confirmation e-mail from the Valorant Team.

Even though you downloaded the client, you won't have access to the server until you get accepted.

Valorant PBE Member Duties

If you got accepted, congratulations; you're officially a valued member of the Valorant Community. By constantly playing in the PBE server, you will eventually encounter bugs. Riot encourages players to report the bugs or submit suggestions to the Valorant PBE Subreddit. All of the information and bug submissions can be found there and are controlled constantly.

The format in which you should submit your bugs is :

  • Type of bug
  • Description -
  • Video or Screenshot of the bug
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Expected result
  • Observed result
  • Reproduction rate
  • System specs

This format helps the developers identify the bug and get all the information needed to fix it. Feedbacks have no format whatsoever, and you are free to explain them in whatever way you desire.

Last but not least, here are the rules for the PBE server :

  • Account sharing is forbidden
  • Bad behavior has consequences same as the Live Client
  • Cheating in the PBE will result in a ban in both PBE and the Live client

After reading this article, you are 100% ready for the PBE server and its perks. Games might be unbalanced and queue time long, but at least you will have access to all of the pesky new features!