Patch 4.10 Notes: Sentinel Class Changes, FPS Fix & More!

Let's check out the official Valorant Patch 4.10 that we'll get later today (May 24th).

Patch 4 10 notesss
It's a good time to be a Sentinel main. | © Riot Games

Riot is recently all about "quality of live improvements" and this update is actually no different than the previous ones (except it's a little bigger). However, this time, there's something for everyone – you don't have to be a Sentinel main to enjoy this update more, especially since with the changes described in the "Gameplay consistency updates" everyone should have more FPS. Who doesn't love some extra FPS, right? Especially since this has really been a problem. And as we know, that has been a problem.

Alright, enough talking; let's see what's inside the official Patch 4.10 Notes!

Sentinel Class Changes

  • After Patch 4.10 all players will be informed that a friendly Sentinel's player utility (except Sage's wall) or Yoru's Gatecrash tether has been destroyed through a global announcement.

This is a pretty interesting quality of life change for the class.

And by the way, if you're a Sentinel main, be sure to check out our updated in-depth Agent guides for Chamber and Cypher:

Agent Updates

Agent Progress/Charge Bars

Progress/Charge Bars have been moved to a consistent location and made a consistent size on the following Agents:

  • Reyna
  • Cypher
  • Breach
  • Fade
  • Jett
  • Omen
  • Phoenix
  • Raze
  • Skye
  • Yoru

Omen Changes

  • Updated 3P model to increase detail and fidelity:
New omen model
Left-side, new model. Right-side, old model. | © Riot Games

Map Updates


Removed some pixel collision on the following areas:

  • Can no longer walk up the front of A site cover
  • Can no longer jump onto the top of C site cover without a boost ability

Gameplay Systems

New Performance Graph

  • Added new performance graph to display Shooting Error values for recent shots on the Client. This is the same information visible in the crosshair error settings, but should help players to better diagnose their own performance after an engagement.

Gameplay Consistency Updates

Fixed an issue where ping or framerate spikes could cause an excessive move processing buffer to develop and persist for multiple seconds. While this was happening, you may have been experienced:

  • Increased Server side input latency, which could make inputs take longer to be applied than would be expected based on your ping.
  • Additional delay in your view of other players, which could give you less time to react.
  • In both of these cases, the additional latencies were not reflected in the current “Network RTT Avg/Max” graph or in-game scoreboard ping values.

New Net Graphs

  • Added new Performance graph showing “Network RTT Jitter” to help you understand if you're experiencing network issues not reflected in the Network RTT Avg/Max values.
  • Added new Performance graph "Network RTT + Processing Delays," which captures the effective latency you experience due to Network Round Trip Time, Server move processing, and Client move processing delays.

Bug Fixes


  • “Destroyed” Voice lines for deployable abilities will now be heard globally by allies. This change includes Chamber, Killjoy, Cypher, and Yoru.
For this specific change, it is worth noting your teammates will also hear the voice lines, which is very valuable. It basically gives you information anytime you might get flanked.
  • Fixed a bug where Neon’s High Gear would automatically stop after using Fast Lane or Relay Bolt.
  • Fixed issue where observers would see Viper’s enemies glow red when they were near but outside of Viper’s Pit.
  • Fixed Chamber’s Rendezvous radius not showing for spectators and observers.
  • Fixed Brimstone’s Incendiary (Q) feeling damage in chunks of 15 instead of 1 like the other zone damage abilities in the game.


  • Bug fix for some minor flickering that was occurring on Protocol weapon’s transparent line VFX when inspecting, ADSing, reloading, etc.

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed a bug where agent specific keybinds would sometimes not work properly even though the settings menu showed them as applied.
  • Fixed a bug where the combat report would rarely not show up for the entirety of the game.

And that's it for the Valorant 4.10 Update! The next one will launch on June 7th, and will be the last update for Episode 4.

Do you have any expectations on what Riot might provide us before releasing Episode 5 along with a new map? Let us know on our social medias: Instagram, Twitter, TikTok