All Fade's Abilities Explained

In this article, we will try to explain her abilities, and help you in your journey on mastering your new fave agent!

Fade Guide
Get ready for a haunt! | © Riot Games

Excitement is through the roof, as it has been announced that at the start of Episode 4 Act 3, or simply 27th of April, the Turkish-born initiator Fade, will join the game and be ready to play! To help you get all the information you need, and be more familiar with her abilities, we will try to explain them in detail.

C Ability: Prowler

  • Cost: 300 Credits
  • Charges: 2

The prowler is a creature and Fade's first ability. Its purpose is to find TRAILS, latch onto them and rush towards the enemy. Once it reaches the target, it has a 0.5 sec cooldown and then NEARSIGHTS the affected enemy agent. The near sight has the same effect as OMEN's Paranoia.

The mechanic works in the way that it will move in a straight line until it finds a TRAIL. If you wish to control its movement you will have to hold FIRE and move your mouse, that way the creature will move in the direction that you are facing, similar to SKYE's signature ability. In the case of firing 2 prowlers in the same time, only 1 will latch onto a given TRAIL, and the other one will just continue moving.

Q Ability: Seize

  • Cost: 200 Credits
  • Charges: 1

Seize is a throwable orb, in a way similar to Phoenix's Hot hands. Once thrown, it has a maximum airtime of 1.5 seconds before hitting the ground, once it hits the ground it has a cooldown of 0.5 seconds before activating. The activation creates an AOE of about 7 meters, and all enemies that are in the zone will be tethered and pulled to the center, similar to a black hole.

Enemy agents that are in the AOE zone will receive 75 decay damage, be defended and cannot escape the zone by "normal means". This means that the enemy agent that is trapped in this black hole like ability will only be able to escape with abilities that teleport him from one place to another. The decay works similarly to Vipers abilities. If you wish to preemptively drop the orb while still in the air, you can just click Q again.

Signature (E) Ability: Haunt

  • Cost: Free (Signature ability)

Haunt is her second throwable orb that works similarly to Chamber's "Trademark". The orb is basically an eye, it has an airtime of about 1.5 seconds before dropping to the ground and looking for enemies in her AOE. If the eye detects an enemy in her AOE, it reveals them, and applies the TRAIL debuff to them for 12 seconds. Namely, TRAIL as a debuff leaves a visible trail of the affected agent, and is a new debuff in Valorant.

The debuff doesn't get applied instantly, but instead, the eye spawns a "haunting monster" that will follow the enemy agent, and can be shot at, but beware, you will have to be fast enough to kill it. After learning about her first 3 abilities, we can see that you will use your E first, and once you see a TRAIL of an agent you can send the Prowler to haunt them down, and if that's not enough to kill them, you can top it off with the Seize and black hole them up.

Ultimate (X) Ability: Nightfall

Nightfall is her last and Ultimate ability. The Nightfall is basically described as a "Wave of Dark Mist" that hits in an area around it. Anyone that gets caught in it, receives the DECAY, TRAIL and DEAF debuffs for 12 seconds. Similar to Breach's "Rolling Thunder", this a very good ability to quickly take on a site and rush into it, as her role suggests this is her most important initiating ability and seems very strong on paper.

In the video from the tweet above, we can see how her abilities work in a cinematic way. After this quick overview of her abilities, we can see that she is a mix-up of a couple of Agents, most notably Skye and Sova.

Sit tight, and be ready, because on the 27th, all hell will break loose