VCT Reykjavik Resumes Today!

If somebody told you just a few weeks ago that the top 4 of the tournament would look like it currently does, would you have believed us? We totally wouldn't, but we are still convinced that tonight's games will be super exciting.

Today (Friday, April 22) the VCT Masters continues with two exciting matches. | © Riot Games

VCT Reykjavik is probably the most surprising event in Valorant history. After Paper Rex eliminated G2 Esports, there is not a single EMEA team left in the tournament, and the top four consists of teams from the following regions:

  • North America (OpTic Gaming)
  • Brazil (LOUD)
  • APAC (Paper Rex)
  • Japan (Zeta Division)

So, apart from the presence of OpTic Gaming, which is one of the favorites to win this event, we can say that this is a tournament of underdogs. However, if you have any predictions you want to share with us for this tourney, make sure to let us know on our Instagram.

VCT Masters Reykjavik: Top 4 Schedule

There are only 4 matches left to determine the winner of the VCT Masters Reykjavik. Today we will also get to know the first finalist of the tournament – it will be either OpTic Gaming or LOUD, and it's tough to pinpoint a sure winner here. LOUD has shown their mettle with wins over Liquid and G2 Esports, but we have only seen them in 2 matches, so it's hard to tell.

Here's the full schedule for the rest of the VCT Reykjavik matches:

DateMatchTournament Stage
22.04, 07:00PM CESTLOUD vs. OpTic Gaming

Upper Bracket Final

22.04, 10:00PM CESTZeta Division vs. Paper Rex

Lower Bracket Round 3

23.04, 07:00PM CEST

Lower Bracket Round 3 winner vs Upper Bracket Final loser

Lower Bracket Final
24.04, 07:00PM CESTUpper Bracket Final winner vs. Lower Bracket Final winnerGrand Final

Even if you're not into Valorant eSports, you should definitely check out the broadcast, as you can surely expect some new information regarding the upcoming Agent.