Bronze | Valorant Rank Explained

Alongside Silver, Bronze is one of the most populated ranks in Valorant. Bronze is an average rank for the average Valorant player, so here you'll learn everything about Bronze and how to reach higher ranks.

Bronze valorant
Everything you need to know about Bronze! | © Riot Games

Immortal and Radiant are perfect ranks for accounts in the top percentage of players in Valorant. But what nobody seems to be talking about is the ELO hell known as Bronze. So if you're stuck in Bronze, don't worry as here you'll learn everything you need to know about Bronze and how to climb out of it.

How Good Is Bronze?

If you're Bronze, you don't have to be worried about being a bad Valorant player. Actually, Iron is the worst Valorant rank with Bronze and Silver having the most players from the Rank Distribution. Bronze has around 17.5% of the whole player Valorant player base.

RankTop % of all players% of players in this rank
Bronze 193.1%4.8%
Bronze 288.3%6.3%
Bronze 382%6.4%

In Bronze, you're slightly below average from the rest of the players. So if you're the worst from the worst in Iron, how much time do you need to get into Bronze?

How Many Hours Do You Need To Achieve Bronze?

If you've spent most of your time in Bronze and Silver, chances are you'll be placed into Bronze instantly with the new Episode and Act. But if you're in Iron, the story's kind of different. Not only are you a bit bad at the game, but you'll also be met with a lot of smurfs. Generally speaking, with practice you can climb from Iron into Bronze within one Episode and Act.

Valorant Bronze Rank Match History
Downhill to Bronze! | © Riot Games

What you should aim for is getting exceptionally good at the game before jumping into Competitive, maybe with a friend or two. This is because Riot Games awards great players with good matches by ranking them up instantly. Say you're Iron 1 and you've won 10 matches being match MVP in every single one. Valorant will rank you to Iron 3, or better yet Bronze. But once you reach Bronze, how should you approach the game and aim for the sky?

How To Improve From Bronze?

  • Practice your aim skills. In Bronze, you can do most of the work by just showing off some decent aim skills. Nobody at this skill level knows how to use the potential of their Agents well anyway, so don't worry about it too much. You don't have to learn lineups and all that kind of stuff; focus on your aim routine. At the end of the day, the core Valorant gameplay gets down to how you shoot down your enemies.
  • Main 1-2 Agents only. What Agents you choose exactly is totally up to you, but we would rather not recommend you change your role every match. If you're new to the game, you also might want to consider this guide: The 3 Best Valorant Agents For Beginners
  • Practice your movement. One tip & trick you should take note of in Bronze is learning counter strafing. The technique is a bit hard for beginners, but once you get the hang of it, expect to start winning hard.
  • Don't tilt and get angry. It's been widely known that the moment you get angry at Valorant, you start losing focus on everything, including enemy information, aim, and even abilities. If you have an issue with this, then make sure you see how to not tilt in Valorant!