How To Get More FPS in Valorant?

Your game is running like a slide-show? Don't worry, we got you covered with some sweet tips to help you gain some extra FPS!

Low client fps valorant
We all hate low FPS values, don't we? | © Riot Games

Low FPS values are the nightmare of every aspiring high-ranking Valorant player. But no worries, we have some tips that will make your climbing experience a dream rather than a nightmare. With these tips, you will minimize any risk of potential lags, which can literally kill you.

Tip #1: Play on Low Graphic Settings

Let's kit it off with an obvious one – low graphic settings. Almost every pro player, whether they have high-end hardware or not, chooses to use the lowest possible graphics settings. Valorant is simply (for the time being) not optimized well enough to play on high settings; it comes with a too high risk.

And sure, it will make your skins and their animations not look so spectacular, we know. However, your gameplay will be much smoother, and your rank will magically become higher. For most pro players (e.g., TenZ), these settings look like this:

Low Settings Ten
Your go-to settings for high FPS values | © Riot Games

By the way, if you are interested in finding the most optimized settings for the best gameplay experience, be sure to check out this article: The Best Valorant Settings in 2022

Tip #2: No FPS Limits

While you're in-game settings, be sure to disable any FPS Limits. All you have to do is:

  1. Open in-game settings
  2. Go to Video
  3. Select General
  4. Disable all FPS limits. It should look like this:
FPS limits Valo
Disable them all for the best FPS values! | © Riot Games

Tip #3: No Overlays

And the last tip we want to give you is to avoid in-game overlays, as they can really steal a good amount of FPS. We're talking stuff like:

  • Discord overlays
  • Overwolf apps
  • Nvidia GeForce Experience

These are fun, but they are pure FPS stealers, so you want to avoid them if you care about making the game run as smoothly as possible.

Good FPS values are crucial in being successful in a ranking system. Fortunately, Valorant is not very demanding, and you can play it even on old hardware, but you will almost always have to opt for lower settings and refrain from using some software to maintain high FPS.