Is Radiant Rank Good?

The biggest achievement in Valorant is reaching the Radiant rank. In this article, we will explain what the rank means, and how people reach it.

Radiant leaderboard
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Challenger in League of Legends is what Radiant is for Valorant. It's the most prestigious rank that only a small percentile of the player base has.

Radiant Rank Compared To Others

The Immortal and Radiant ranks work differently from the others and have some extra conditions to reach them and the tiers above them. In order to reach Radiant, you will have to first get to the Immortal Rank.

Immortal rank has a different RR threshold and it changes according to the player's Region. For example, in Europe to go from Immortal 3 to Radiant you will need approximately 550RR, and in South America, you will need 200RR.

Reaching Radiant

Radiant is the final rank in Valorant, and given its prestige, only the best players can have it. In order to reach Radiant, you will have to be in the top 500 players in your region. This means that reaching Radiant won't be the same in every region. If you are playing in a crowded region like Europe, it will be extremely hard to reach, as opposed to less crowded regions like South America and Brazil since Brazil has its own Leaderboard.

Perks Of Being Radiant

Reaching this rank requires a lot of hard work and gaming hours invested or a lot of talent as a youngster. The motivation people have to reach this prestigious rank comes from its perks. Radiant players in Valorant are "famous". People love to watch their streams, learn from them and interact with them. Pro teams constantly scout for young and talented Radiants in order to sign them up in their Roster, and get their prodigy that will win them the Masters.

Once you've reached Radiant, Valorant can become a job for you. The Esport scene is craving for new prodigies to freshen up the scene, as the older ones like Hiko retire, and new faces are needed to rock the esports scene.

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