How To Play Duelist Agents? | Valorant Class Guide

Duelists are the most iconic class in Valorant – I don't think anyone can deny that. Plus, they are probably the most popular class to pick by new players, so let's discuss how exactly to play them.

Duelists guide
Here's everything you need to know about playing Duelists! | © Riot Games

Duelists are the most aggressive Agent class in Valorant. They are often at the top of the scoreboard and get the flashiest aces. In short, they are simply an "entry fragger class". Duelists are a perfect pick for people who don't like to camp and are hungry to get frags. Duelist abilities allow for incredibly aggressive gameplay, so if your life motto is "Rush B, no stop", you should totally main one of the Duelist Agents.

All Duelist Agents

For now, we have 6 Duelist Agents in the game:

As of now, the best Duelist Agents in the meta are definitely Jett and Reyna. However, to be completely honest, besides Phoenix, there are really no bad Duelist Agents in the game. And actually, it's not impossible to climb with Phoenix as well, and it's actually a decent Agent for beginners.

Duelist Agents share the same tactics for both defending and attacking, even though they have different abilities. That said, if you already know how to play one of them, you should have a good idea how to play the whole class.

Attacking With Duelist Agents

As a Duelist, you're basically an entry fragger. You want to go first and clear the way for your team to enter the Spike Site and force the enemy team to reposition. So, when it comes to attacking, it's often you are the main star of the show. Your team sets up the smokes, walls, and nades, and you just go there and act like a killing machine.

Defending With Duelist Agents

As you might have noticed, defending is not what Duelist Agents like to do. However, if there's one person in the team that should push corners while playing as Defenders, it should be you.

Jett operator
Duelist are the absolute go-to for sniper players | © Riot Games

However, it's worth mentioning that Duelist Agents have great abilities for holding corners with the Operator (especially Jett, Reyna and Neon). You are watching one corner, scoring the frag and change position in a matter of seconds. To be completely honest, even though Duelist is the most aggressive class in Valorant, it has some of the best Agents to play with a sniper rifle.

3 Tips For Playing Duelist Agents

  • Practice your aim. Without good aim skills, you are basically useless as a Duelist. As an entry fragger, you need to know how to frag consistently. And luckily for you, we have a guide for that.
  • Use your Ultimate more aggressively. As you frag so consistently, you will quickly grab those Ult points and refill your Ultimate Ability, so there's no need to wait with using your Ult.
  • Communicate with your Controllers and Initiators. One good smoke or wall from your teammates combined with your abilities can basically grant you a couple of frags and win the round. If you're struggling with in-game communication and callouts, be sure to check out this guide.

And to end this guide, let's chill a bit and look at some of the most popular stereotypes about Duelist players: