How To Play Neon? | Valorant Agent Guide

One of these players who like to rush through their games? If so, be sure to check out this guide.

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Let's get the most out of Valorant's fastest Agent! | © Riot Games / Valorfeed

So, one of these "rush B, don't stop" players? Alright, here's a perfect Agent for you – it's Neon, a Duelist that was added to the game at the beginning of Episode 4. Let's go through all of her abilities and see what she is capable of!

Neon Abilities Explained

Video Credits: Riot Games

Fast Lane (Cost – 300, 1 Charge)

Fast Lane is basically two walls that create a tunnel. Its maximum range is 46.5 meters (45 meters in front of Neon and 1.5 meters behind). Unlike other wall abilities in the game Fast Lane doesn't do any damage in contact with characters. You can use it to help your team safely get into the Spike Site, but you have to be fast about it, as these walls only hold for 6 seconds.

Relay Bolt (Cost – 200, 2 Charges)

Relay Bolt is a stunning grenade. It bounces off the wall twice and then creates a magnetic field that stuns anyone within its range. With this ability, you can stun up to 4 different places, as you have 2 charges of it. Interestingly, you can also stun enemies behind walls, which makes this ability quite similar to Breach's concussion.

High Gear (Cost – Free)

This ability is the absolute core of Neon as it allows you to sprint and slide. High Gear makes you move 30% faster till you run out of your power meter. However, this power meter is filling up relatively fast, and one kill fills it by as much as 50%. It's also worth noting that you can't access any weapons while using this ability.

Okay, but won't getting hit stop your sprinting? Interestingly, no; after you get hit, you get tagged, but you still move 30% faster which makes your enemies hard to finish you. We also need to mention that when you are in a sprinting mode, your footsteps are much louder and everyone knows that it's you.

When it comes to sliding, this feature is just perfect for aggressive strategies. You can only slide one time, but it lasts for 5 meters and gets refreshed after scoring two kills. Moreover, right after you finish sliding, you also instantly take out your weapon, which helps with more risky peaks.

Overdrive (Cost – 7 Ult Points)

Neon's Ultimate Ability is just "unlimited power"; pure Emperor Palpatine cosplay. Not only you are sprinting and have access to a one-time slide, but this ability makes a weapon out of your finger; very similar to Jett's Blade Storm. You would usually need 4 zaps to kill an enemy, but the damage you deal depends on the distance. Plus, it doesn't matter where you hit, so you might want to aim for the body instead of the head when Ulting with Neon. Overdrive ability has no range limit, which means that nothing besides a character model or a wall can stop it.

Just like with Jett's Blade Storm, no matter if you move fast or jump, you will maintain your accuracy with this ability, which makes it pretty overpowered as collecting Ult Points as Duelist is pretty effortless. But unlike Jett's Blade Storm, you don't really have any ammo limit, it's mostly about your power meter. Plus, if you have access to it, you might want to consider not buying a primary weapon for the round.

Attacking With Neon

When playing Neon, you are the main fragger – taking the Spike Site is your show. With the way Neon's ability kit works you can even get into the site by yourself, without a smoker (although it would be helpful). However, you need to act very fast, so make sure to have your keybinds on point for this Agent; make it the most convent as it is possible.

Defending With Neon

As you probably know, Duelists are not the best Agents to defend with. However, when it comes Neon, you have to appreciate her High Gear ability that lets you rotate between Spike Sites super fast. That said, usually the best position for Neon players would be mid, and then you can quickly rotate to the Spike Site your teammates need help on.

The Best Maps For Neon

Neon bolt fracture
Neon is probably the best on Fracture. | © Riot Games

We would say that the 3 best maps for Neon would be Fracture, Icebox and Breeze. Yeah, not the best maps in the game, but definitely the best for Neon mains.

We love the way you could easily rotate between sites on all these maps using High Gear, especially on Fracture. Plus, you have so many great areas to your stun grenade in, her entire ability kit is just great there.

Honestly, Neon seems to be a decent pick on all the maps in the game, including a new Pearl map. Still, she just seems to be the best on all these annoying maps which makes her a good alternative pick for many players who are just sick of playing these maps.