Silver | Valorant Rank Explained

If you managed to get out of Bronze and think you will never find yourself in ELO hell... oh, you are wrong on so many levels. Meet Silver – your second-degree ELO hell place.

Silver rank placeholder
Everything you need to know about the Silver rank in Valorant! | © Riot Games

Today we will discuss the most average rank there is in the Valorant Ranking System – Silver, known for being one of the more difficult ranks to get out from (right after Bronze). Just like all other Valorant ranks (except Radiant), Silver is split into 3 tiers, with the distribution going as follows:

RankTop % of all players% of players in this rank
Silver 175.6%8%
Silver 267.6%7.4%
Silver 3



How Good is Silver Rank in Valorant?

Silver is the most popular rank to have in Valorant – it contains 28.4% of the entire player base! So, unlike in games like CSGO, Silver in Valorant doesn't mean being bad; it basically means that you are average at the game.

Silver 1 Valorant 2
Silver basically stands for "average" | © Riot Games

You should already know the very basics of the game, your aim is relatively good, your movement is alright, you have at least one Agent that you play well, etc. Actually, it's a pretty good rank for a casual player who does not aspire to be a professional. Still, if your goal is to compete in VCT tournaments, you still have some homework to do.

How Many Hours Do You Need To Achieve Silver?

It depends on your previous experience with First-Person-Shooter games. If you've played games like CSGO or Call of Duty before, it's possible that you will get it as your first rank after playing five placement matches.

However, if you are not an FPS maniac, getting promoted to Silver might take you 200 to even 600 hours. If you've reached this rank in a shorter period of time, we would consider it a pretty good result.

Ways To Improve From Silver in Valorant

  • Use your microphone. Like, for real; learning how to provide high-quality info is essential at Silver. You should already know all the callouts and basic strategies for every map, so take advantage of it and really focus on good communication with your team (even if they are super toxic). If you want to educate yourself on how to improve the communication aspect and give better callouts in your Valorant games, check out this guide.
  • Warm up. Play Deathmatch or practice a bit in The Range before queuing a ranked game. We especially recommend playing around a bit with your primary weapon (Vandal/Phantom) and a pistol that you will be using for the first round. Let's be honest – we're all underperforming at the start, so it's better to be bad during your Deathmatch game rather than in the first rounds.
  • Try to stay focused. We know it's hard sometimes, but trust us. Turn off your social media (unless it's our Instagram or TikTok, then you're good of course), and go into that "tunnel vision mode". But that's only if you want to improve, and as we mentioned before, many players at this rank just care about having fun.
  • Learn more advanced team techniques. It's forgettable to make mistakes as you're learning how to play Valorant in lower ranks. But in Silver, you're supposed to have already caught on to the learning curve of gameplay, especially with your team. So try to find a solid team like with your friends and build trust. Then start to learn and master which agent classes should enter the site, more advanced smoke setups for maps like Fracture down to the timing of them, one-way flashes, and such.