How To Play Yoru? | Valorant Agent Guide

Flashy plays, teleports, and a decoy. If you're into fooling the enemy then Yoru is the agent for you!

Yoru Guide
The only Yoru guide you will ever need! | © Riot Games

Japanese native Ryo "Yoru" Kiritani is one of Valorant's flashy Duelists. We call him flashy because he is super fast at moving from one place to another, and because he has a flash in his utility kit.

Yoru Abilities Explained

Video Credits: Riot Games

Fakeout (100 Credits, 1 Charge)

You will rarely hear anyone tell you "Use your Fakeout" as no one uses that name for this ability. The appropriate way of addressing this ability is calling it "Decoy". The name itself explains what this ability does. Fakeout releases a decoy of yourself that has 150 HP and lasts 10 seconds or until it gets killed. If you activate the ability with your left click a decoy will run in a straight line in the direction that you placed it. If you decide to use right-click or Alt Fire you can place an "inactive" decoy that you can later activate by pointing at it and clicking "F" which is usually the default hotkey.

The point of this ability is to make the enemy Agents kill your decoy at which point it will flash anyone facing it, enabling you to kill them afterward. If you're into watching streams you will see that more skilled and experienced players rarely shoot at decoys, which is why Yoru mains decided to go a step further and act like they are the Decoy with their Agent.

Decoy1 Yoru
Aiming at the Inactive Decoy will activate it and it will start running in the direction it is facing | © Riot Games

Blindside (Credits: 250, 2 Charges)

This is Yoru's flash and most important initiating tool in his kit. Blindside is basically a ball that can collide with walls and has a 0.6 seconds Windup time. Its flash lasts for 1.5 seconds and is an ability that you need to carefully use as its cost is pretty high. To fill up the charge tank for this ability you will need 500 credits which is quite a lot for a "Q" Ability.

Your's Flash, similarly to Phoenix's has a very short windup time, making it hard to evade once it's thrown. You should always use that 1.5 seconds window where your enemies are blinded and make sure you either take an area of the site, or an Agent down after successfully flashing them.

Gatecrash (Credits: 200, 2 Charges)

Gatecrash is another Yoru ability that no one will address by its real name. His signature ability is a Teleport that can be a real or fake one depending on the situation and your choice. You get 1 charge for free at the beginning of the round, but if you think you will need a secondary one to fool your enemies make sure to grab another and spook them with your presence.

By left clicking, you will engage the teleport gate to move in a straight line until it reaches an obstacle that will make it unable to move. Its duration window is 30 seconds and can be used as an escape option if you wish to take a quick kill and go back without risking too much. By using ALT fire or right click you can place the gate in a static spot in front of you. To teleport to the gate you will have to click E.

Yoru Fake Teleport1
Activating your Fake Teleport will notify your enemies with a blue sensation | © Riot Games

The second option that this ability gives you is to fake your teleport. But instead of your Gatecrash teleport, you are faking your Ultimate "Teleport" which is a sensation that your enemies feel when you are around them while in the state of your Ultimate, but we will talk about that later. To use that fake teleport you will simply have to hover over to the gate and click F, similar to the way when activating the Decoy once it's inactive.

Take note that this gate is visible to your enemies and can be destroyed if they do 100HP to it. Often times people don't kill the Gate but instead camp and wait for Yoru to teleport at which point he will go down.

Dimensional Drift (Cost - 7 Ultimate Points)

Yoru's Ultimate is one of the trickiest and probably strongest ultimate in Valorant. But remember, with great strength comes great responsibility. Dimensional Drift is a mask that you can put on which will put you out of your inner state making you invisible, faster, and invulnerable from your enemies.

This is a great scouting or entry frag ability and should always be used wisely. While in the state of Dimensional Drift and near your enemies, similar to the fake teleport they will have a Blue Sensation on their screen indicating that Yoru is near them. This ability lasts for 12 seconds but can be stopped prematurely by clicking your Ultimate Ability hotkey again. Once you get back to your normal state, your enemies will hear a "teleport" sound and know where you are else if you are far away from them.

Attacking With Yoru

Yoru as an agent is based on entry fragging sites and his utility kit is here to help him get there. By having a decoy, a double set of flashes, and a teleport to back off to (or engage) Yoru is all about securing that fast entry to sites.

There are a lot of combinations that you can use to attack sites, such as:

  • Using a decoy and you standing behind it waiting for the enemies to shoot at it and get blinded
  • Get the teleport rolling into their site, use your Flash and teleport behind them
  • Double flash entry
  • Scout with your Teleport to have a safer engagement

Defending With Yoru

On paper, Yoru can be a great defender, but usually, in pubs Yoru's struggle big time to defend sites. This is mainly due to the fact that Yoru is an Agent that depends on his teammates to back him down once he gets in a certain situation. While defending you are rarely with a group of allies as you will be covering a certain spot on the map.

There are different styles of defending that you can use on Yoru such as:

  • Place your teleport in a safe spot, and try to get a quick kill and then teleport back, similar to how Chamber is played
  • Use your Flashes or Decoy while they are advancing to slow their push or even kill them
  • Act like your decoy to get behind enemy lines, this is doable if they shot your decoy multiple times and will probably decide to dodge it next time

The Best Maps For Yoru

It's really hard to choose certain maps that are good for this agent as it all depends on the players playstyle. But since it's Valorfeed tradition to always include the best maps in our Hero Guides, we will try to pick 3 and explain why they are so good.

Bind is probably your Go-To Yoru Map as it has tons of fake and outplays potential with the teleport in it. Also the way the map is designed it's almost impossible for your enemies to dodge your flash which will further enable you to frag them and get them down.

Haven has very long site lines which make your teleport super valuable, especially on the C site. Similar to Blind tight corners make your flash a very strong utility kit tool that will as well ease up your entries on sites.

Pearl's release saw a lot of people spam Yoru on it, for the same reasons they started spamming Omen. Both Agent's have a similar playstyle and utility kit and Pearl goes well with it. Lot's of places to hide after your Ultimate, and a very long sight line on B makes Yoru a comfortable pick for this map.

This was all for this Yoru guide, we really hope it helped you learn a thing or two about Ryo, and maybe he can become your Main one day. If you wish to see more guides like this one, make sure to visit our Valorfeed Agents Section where we have everything from news to guides about all the Valorant Agents.