Day 6 of Valorant Champions Is Over And It Was Wild!

Yet another stressful elimination match day with an additional Bo3 to top it all off.

Derke Ace
Derke's Ace was key to Fnatic's Victory against Furia | © Riot Games

Elimination matches are a love-hate kind of emotional state, where we love to see the teams fight for their "lives" to stay in the competition, but also sad to see teams get eliminated after solid performances.

Day 6 was one of them, and it featured these Bo3 matches:

  • KRÜ Esports versus XERXIA
  • Furia Esports versus Fnatic
  • FunPlus Phoenix versus XSET

The first two were the regular Bo3's planned to be played today, and FPX vs XSET was the postponed match from yesterday caused by the Health Issues the players had. If you want to learn more about the sickness check out our Food Poisoning Outbreak Threatens To Derail Valorant Champions article that covered the situation in detail.

KRÜ Esports vs XERXIA

Map 1: Icebox

Playing the first game of the day, especially if it's an elimination match causes super high stress and stage fright for the players and the result is iffy plays and costly mistakes in the skirmish. KRU had a marvelous start to the day, by stomping XERXIA on Icebox 13 to 4. Kernit had a dream game on KAY/0 finishing the game with a crystal clean score of 20/6/10. They shock Xerxia hard at the start of Map 1 by managing to make super aggressive pushes which lead to them winning 9 rounds as attackers. Their solid performance continued as defenders as well, as they only lost one round in the second half.

Map 2: Haven

Game two showed us that XERXIA took a note from XERXIA's game style and managed to return the favor for the first game by winning 8 rounds as attackers in what promised to be yet another long and tense game to watch. If Keznit's KAY/0 was the motor for KRU's victory on the first map, CRWS's Breach is certainly the one to blame for XERXIA's performance in Haven.

They did some serious damage to KRU from the get-go, and we saw a completely different XERXIA in Map 2 compared to Map 1. Haven finished 13 to 7 in XERXIA's favor, which promised us a super exciting decider match on Map 3.

Decider Map: Ascent

More experienced players often advise youngsters to rely on their most comfy and signature Agents in Decider Maps, as it eases up the tension, and enables you to give your best and win the game. This is exactly what Keznit did by picking Jett and doing serious damage on the battlefield. KRU is known to be comfortable on Ascent with a solid 64% overall win rate on the map.

This was one of the rare moments where we could say that KRU didn't let XERXIA breathe on this map, and even tho XERXIA had a "Thrifty" round and a couple more really good round wins it was not enough, as KRU's momentum was over the roof and they beat XERXIA 13 to 6.

With this loss, XERXIA became the third Asian team to exit the tournament.

Furia Esports vs Fnatic

Map 1: Icebox

Icebox openers seem to be a thing for Day 6 of the Valorant Champions. After losing the initial pistol round, Fnatic struggled on the offensive end even with Derke Acing the enemy team in round 8. The first half finished 5-7 in favor of Furia. On the defensive end, they managed to win the pistol round and connect 2 wins in a row which got the game to a draw.

The second half showed how much better of a lineup Furia had, as they had the necessary tools to ramp into A multiple times. Having the agents like KAY/0, and a marvelous performance by dgzin in his Chamber made Furia win on Icebox 13 to 9.

Map 2: Breeze

Being a step closer to the elimination gave Fnatic a reason more to get back into the game and rise like a Phoenix. Their first offensive half on Breeze showed us one of the better performances on the attack in this particular map as they stormed Furia 10-2 in the first half alone. There was no standout player, and it was so perfect that even the scoreboard showcased it as almost their whole team has a similar KDA.

Winning only 2 rounds in a half is devastating for a match as important as this one. Furia got their things straight and managed to get 4 round wins in a row after winning the Pistol round. Fnatic managed to get a good 17th round as they defused the spike, and turned things in their favor. The game ended 13 to 7 in what seemed to be a dominant performance from Fnatic.

Decider Map: Haven

Trigger Discipline FNTC
Patience from Enzo. | © Riot Games

Another day, another Decider (3rd) Map with some exciting plays. This Bo3 was yet another in a long series of matches that gave us tons of adrenaline, clutch plays, and TRIGGER DISCIPLINE. It was Enzo and nzr's time to shine as they both played Fade, and both played godly. Haven was a rollercoaster for both teams as they exchanged rounds over and over with the first half finishing 6-6.

The second half shared a similar fate as rounds were exchanged on both sides. Multiple successful round rushes from Alfajer's Raze got Fnatic ahead of Furia and the scoreline was 11 to 8. In round 20 Khalil obliterated Fnatic with a 4-kill round in what seemed to be a comeback for Furia. On the other hand, Enzo was still hot, and a clutch performance by his side saved Fnatic from elimination by winning the game 13 to 11. This was for sure a game that we deserved to see it get to Overtime.

FunPlus Phoenix versus XSET

Map 1: Pearl

Day 6 was a long day for both the players and the panel. Health issues postponed the game from Day 5 into day 6, and this was the last game of the day. Pearl didn't seem to be a map favoring any of the teams as yet again, rounds were exchanged and there was no clear winner in sight in the first half as it finished tied at 6-6. Both teams had their Fade's on standout performances with the lever going slightly into BcJ's side.

In their defensive endeavors, BcJ was XSET's hero. Many thought XSET is the underdog, but their performance in the second half surely proved them wrong. A miraculous 7-1 second half won them the game at Pearl with a total score of 13-7.

Map 2: Fracture

It's already Map 2 and the reigning Champions are on the edge of their seats. The EU side had everything against them, a game till Elimination, Twitch chat, and a super hot BcJ on the other side. So far they managed it all well. Fracture is their highest win rate map (hence why they picked it) and they STORMED through XSET in the first half. Ardiis had probably the best Chamber game in the tournament in Map 2, which enabled FPX to win the first half 8 to 4.

If there's anything XSET want to forget, that would probably be the second half of this Map. They only managed to make 1 spike plant in the second half in what was a perfect performance from one side, and a poor one on the other. Ardiis was King of Fracture with a whooping 438 ACS and one of the highest ACS's in Champions so far. FPX continued their dominating performance in the second half, winning all 5 rounds and finishing the map 13 to 4 in a stomping fashion.

Decider Map: Breeze

Remember how we said that XSET surely wants to forget their performance in Fracture's second half? - Well. Breeze's first half is something FPX is having nightmares about and will hunt them for the rest of their Valorant competitive lives. We will cut it short and say that it ended 11-1 with 7 in a row site retakes and defuses from XSET's side. Zekken was the diamond in the half doing super exciting plays with his KAY/0 and a standalone performance and clutch in Round 10.

XSET continued their round streak in the second half by winning the pistol and putting their finger on the trigger as FPX was a round away from Elimination. An Anti-Eco round saved FPX for the moment as they won the round afterward. They managed to connect 4 round wins in a low which seemed to be a good start for their impossible comeback hopes.

In round 18 XSET managed to plant the spike on B site and immediately used Viper ulty to protect it. Ayrin successfully won the round which meant that the Copenhagen Champions will be going home with a 13 to 5 score on the Decider Map.

This was all for our Day 6 recap of the Valorant Champions in Istanbul. Three teams were eliminated today, and 2 more await the same fate on Day 7.

Battling in the decider matches tomorrow will be:

  • Paper Rex vs Team Liquid
  • Loud vs Zeta Division

If you want to see more of Valorant Champions or anything Esport related in Valorant, make sure to check out our Valorfeed Esports Section where we regularly have exciting content for anything Valorant♥ related.