Valorant Map Guide Pearl: Callouts & Strategies

Valorant has sent us maps with lots of interesting features, but Pearl doesn't seem to be that way. It has 2 classic sites which present a great challenge to win on. So here we'll check out a guide on the Valorant map Pearl!

Pearl Loading Screen
Total guide to playing on Pearl! | © Riot Games

With the release of Episode 5, we've got the Valorant map Pearl. Located in an underwater setting, Pearl doesn't have any special rope features or controllable doors. There's 1 long site and 1 short site with a small middle adjusting for the whole map. They may get tricky, so let's check how to play on Pearl in Valorant!

Pearl Map: Callouts

Here's the Pearl map alongside all the main Valorant Pearl callouts:

Pearl Map Main Callouts
Every Pearl map callout | © Riot Games

The map is explained pretty thoroughly with the callouts, even providing some meaningful on-site callouts. Even so, there are still some important A-site and B-site callouts on Pearl you need to know to start winning with the best Vandal skins. Keep in mind that players generally make their custom callouts which Riot Games doesn't provide! So let's check them out, shall we?

A Site Pearl Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Pearl A-site callouts:

A Site Pearl 2
Pearl A-site callouts | © Riot Games

A-Site is pretty one-sided towards attackers rather than defenders. Although the site has a lot of ways defenders can enter and defeat the beginner agents, some smokes would keep them at bay just fine. No matter what's the side, let's take a look at strategies for both attacking and defending in Pearl!

How to Attack A Site on Pearl

Attacking A-site on Pearl should be easy with the proper agents. First, place a Sentinel trap right at the barrier since Pearl is susceptible to lurkers and flanks. You'll first take control of A-Main with a Duelist flash or two. Then smoke off Link, Flowers, and Secret as enemies will appear mostly from there. Make sure to check A-Camp and behind Cafe for any camping enemies too.

Pearl Brimstone Smoke A Site Example
Pearl A-site Brimstone smokes example | © Riot Games

Try to plant the spike on Default, then fall back towards A-Main for post-plant. Your goal is to wait until the spike detonates, and you'll achieve this mostly with abilities. Do lineups, use mollies and detecting abilities at any cost, especially if you hear the defuse audio queue. You can technically stay on-site and defend the spike, but that's a harder strategy toward winning the round with the best knife skins.

How to Defend A Site on Pearl

Defending A-site on Pearl is a bit hard, but not impossible. Your strategy is to keep the enemies from planting the spike until your team rotates. Use Controller smokes to block off A-Main and have a player on A-Art watching Mid Plaza for backstabbers. Don't be afraid to use your abilities here!

If the enemies plant the spike though, your best solution towards defusing is to lurk, flank, and backstab them. Group up with your team, and do a coordinated full-on push onto the site to confuse the enemies, defeat the, and defuse the spike safely. Have a player enter from Secret, Flowers, Link, and even flank from behind depending on how many players are left on your team. This strategy is best executed with the best Phantom skins!

B Site Pearl Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Pearl B-site callouts:

B Site Pearl 2
Pearl B-site callouts | © Riot Games

Unlike A-site, B-site on Pearl is more oriented towards defenders rather than attackers. And rightfully so, with the long B-Main making an entrance onto the site really hard, especially if the enemies have a Chamber with his long-shot ultimate. Even when you enter the site enemies can appear from 4 different locations excluding flanks. With all these circumstances in mind, here are strategies for attacking and defending on B-site in Pearl!

How to Attack B Site on Pearl

When you attack B-site on Pearl, you should first aim to smoke off the whole section on the right from Boxes. And that's why Viper's great on B-site on Pearl, since her wall can do that right before you enter B-Ramp. Once you try and smoke off this section, use detecting and flash abilities to clear Screens, Hall, and make sure to check B-Camp for unsuspecting enemies. Try to plant the spike at Boxes overlooking B-Ramp.

Pearl Viper Toxic Wall B Site Example
Viper B-site Pearl example | © Riot Games

Once you plant the spike, fall back to B-Ramp. Enemies will find it really hard to defuse the spike with someone being on their back from far away. An Operator in this post-plant situation is perfect since once you hear the defuse audio queue, you can just peak and defeat the enemy like they're cotton candy!

How to Defend B Site on Pearl

Purchase long-shot weapons when you defend B-site on Pearl such as an Operator or Vandal because of the long angles. Your strategy is to defeat the enemies at B-Main and don't let them plant the spike. Depending on how far the enemies have pushed flashes like KAY/O's can be pretty effective since the enemies won't have a place to hide. Having a player protect B-Link for Mid Plaza lurkers is good too because they can have a potential flank possibility to catch the enemies off-guard and backstab from B-Club towards B-Ramp.

As for retakes, aim to send players from all entries like Hall, Tower, and Link. Retaking from Tower is great since you have a good overview of the whole site. Use your flash and detecting abilities here to confuse and take out any potential enemies on-site. After taking control of the site, make sure to clear off B-Ramp since a lot of enemies tend to defend the spike from there.

Best Team Composition on Pearl

Some agents' abilities combined provide better strategies than others for all maps, including Pearl. So here's the best team composition on Pearl:


Though this is a great composition, there are also tons of combinations you could try out. One is to swap out one Initiator agent like Fade for a Sentinel agent to detect and catch flanks like Cypher. You could also swap Omen for Viper, though this is the best advice if you know essential Viper lineups for post-plant situations.

That's it for this short guide on how to play on Pearl. The map's nothing to be scared of, and these are the easiest and best strategies to attack and defend on Pearl. Though don't be afraid to learn and experiment with other strategies too so you can be more insightful for Pearl!