Valorant Haven Map Guide: Callouts & Strategies

Haven is one of the original maps in Valorant packing different callouts and strategies than any other map. So let's check out a guide on Valorant's Haven!

Valorant Haven Ranked
How to play on Haven in Valorant guide! | © Riot Games

Haven's been in Valorant ever since the beginning, and it has established itself as one of the better maps in Valorant. And learning how to competitively play the map may be tricky since it has three sites. But don't worry, as here we'll check out a guide on how to play on Haven!

Haven Map: Callouts

Here are all the main Valorant Haven map callouts:

Haven Main Callouts
Every Haven map callout, | © Riot Games

As you can see, Haven in itself has some well-detailed callouts. Being the only map with three sites to attack or defend, Haven's callouts may need some practice before you start to remember them before you win. The only Haven callouts that are missing are the on-site callouts. So let's check out Haven sites' callouts alongside strategies on how to attack and defend them!

A-Site Haven Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Haven A-site callouts:

Haven A Site Callouts 2
Haven A-site callouts, | © Riot Games

There are a lot of A-site Haven callouts but don't worry because with practice alongside the best Phantom skins, you'll start to remember them. From all these Haven A-site callouts, you should mainly remember that on every map upper and lower areas are called Heaven and Hell.

How to Attack A-Site on Haven

For attacking A-site on Haven, firstly place a Sentinel agent trap before the round starts right at the barrier. This will help you watch out for flanks and lurkers. Then, send three players down A-Long and two players down A-Sewer. Clear out these areas of potential enemies with simple abilities.

Once you take control of these areas, use Controller smokes on places like Heaven and CT as the enemies mostly come from there. Don't be afraid to use detecting and flash abilities to clear out the site fully, you can expect the enemies on Cubby, behind A-Box, or even in Hell.

Haven A Site Brim Smokes
Haven A-site smokes. | © Riot Games

Try to plant the spike on Default where it can be seen from A-Long. Once you plant it, you could either defend it from A-Long, Sewer Path or stay on-site and watch CT and Heaven for potential enemies. Stall for time, use molly lineups, and win the round with the Vandal or Phantom!

How to Defend A-Site on Haven

Defending A-site on Haven isn't anything hard. You would ideally use smokes to cover Sewer Path and A-Main which will significantly make the enemies' entry harder. Even if you don't have a Controller agent for smokes, use flash and detecting abilities until your team fully rotates.

As for retakes, you should take Haven's A-site step-by-step. Don't be afraid to use your abilities in any of these steps. Firstly clear out Cubby and Hell, then head towards Sewer Path. Now once you clear A-Sewer, you can either go from there and clear A-Long or go back and clear it from the site. If you're an agent like Sage, you can essentially wall off one of these locations.

B-Site Haven Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Haven B-site callouts:

Haven B Site Callouts 2
Haven B-site callouts. | © Riot Games

Haven's B-site alongside the callouts is the most tricky site on the map. There's really only one main entry point, and it shortly connects with both other sites making rotates much faster. Nevertheless, with the right team, strategy, and knife skin, B-site can still be conquered.

How to Attack B-Site on Haven

When attacking Haven's B-site, you should have four players push from Mid Window and another overlook C-Garage from Mid Doors. You should plan for a quick and fast push to plant the spike as fast as possible before the enemy team rotates. Use smokes on C-Link and A-Link, then use Duelist flash abilities to clear camping enemies on Tower and Box.

Aim to plant the spike on Default so you can overlook it from Mid Window. Don't plan to stay on-site for long, as the enemies may be swarming by the time you plant the spike. Once you fall back, just stall for time with your abilities and you should get an easy win.

How to Defend B-Site on Haven

The best way to defend B-site on Haven is to either place a Sage wall or a Controller smoke at the entrance of B-site. Play with an Operator for easy picks on enemies trying to enter the site without any abilities. Wait until your team rotates for a fair fight, which should be fast.

If by any chance the enemies plant the spike, use 1-2 flashes to clear off the site first. Then if you're two or more players on your team, you can place a Controller smoke on the entrance of the B-site, and one can defuse the spike while the others can defend him. But if you're alone, you'll want to clear Mid Courtyard and Mid Window before defusing, which can be a hard task.

C-Site Haven Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Haven C-site callouts:

Haven C Site Callouts 2
Haven C-site callouts. | © Riot Games

Like A-site, Haven's C-site also has a lot of callouts you'll want to remember. But having this image right beside you while you play on Haven will make your practice of the callouts worth a while. Don't get hasty like OpTic yay though, because C-site on Haven does have its strategy advantages and disadvantages!

How to Attack C Site on Haven

You'll want to attack Haven's C-site by having 2-3 players take on C-Long and 1-2 players take on Garage for entry from Connector. First, smoke the areas at Logs and between Platform and Default. You can also smoke off C-Window or Connector depending on your push and strategy. After this use detecting abilities like KAY/O's knife to get more information on the enemies Then have the Duelist enter the site with flashes while you enter the site in a single fast push.

Haven C Smokes Brim
Haven C-site smoke example. | © Riot Games

Strafe to plant the spike on Default. Once you plant it, you can expect enemies from Connector or CT. So you could either defeat them right then and there or fall back to C-Long and stall for time until the spike detonates.

How to Defend C-Site on Haven

Your strategy for defending C-site on Haven should be to take out the enemies right at the entrance before they could make any kind of move. Use any beginner agent and smoke abilities on C-Long to get an opportunity to defeat an enemy and stall for time until your team rotates. As for retakes, clear off the whole site using detecting and flash abilities, then smoke off C-Long for a safe spike defuse.

Best Team Composition on Haven

Some agents will always perform better than others on all Valorant maps. So here's the best team composition for Haven:


These agents work well in synergy depending on what team you're playing with. Though if some agents don't suit you well here, some likely changes are Chamber for Killjoy and Brimstone for Omen.

That's it for this Valorant Haven map guide. Don't forget to practice your callouts and strategies because you won't achieve anything without practice. So make sure you visit our Instagram and TikTok and share with us your best clips and top frags on Haven!