Valorant Map Guide Icebox: Callouts & Strategies

Icebox is a map that's either loved or hated the most by players. The tons of angles Icebox has come off with callouts and strategies, so let's take a look at a complete guide for the Valorant map Icebox.

Valorant Icebox Ranked
Get good at playing on Icebox! | © Riot Games

All Valorant maps present different callouts and strategies you'll have to utilize, either with your Vandal or Phantom. And Icebox isn't anything different. Since the map is focused on a lot of openings and angles, it comes with a lot of strategies and callouts too. So if they all get you confused, don't worry because here we'll take a look at a guide on how to play on Icebox!

Icebox Map: Callouts

Here's the whole Icebox map including the main Icebox callouts:

Icebox All Callouts Whole Map
All main Icebox map callouts | © Riot Games

There are a lot of callouts for Icebox, and the sites aren't even covered. You'll learn these main Icebox callouts by practicing in-game with the best Vandal skins. You can check these callouts any time by pressing Caps Lock or the button M and the map will show up, depending on if you haven't changed your keybinds. Since the sites aren't covered, we'll check out all the callouts for A-site and B-site along with attacking and defending strategies!

A Site Icebox Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Icebox A-site callouts:

A Site Callouts On Site
Icebox A-site callouts | © Riot Games

The general rule of thumb is to remember if a map has an upper combined with a lower area, they're called Heaven and Hell respectively. Though these are all the on-site callouts you'll need to kill enemies with the best melees on A-site, there are still other ones you must know from the main map callouts like Pipes, Nest, and Belt.

How To Attack A Site on Icebox

You'll want to attack and enter A-site on Icebox with your whole team. Have a Sentinel agentplace a trap right at the entry of the A-site building. Send 1-2 players through Belt and the others through A-Main, and Pipes and Nest which are accessible through the zipline. Since A-site has a lot of angles, your first goal is to close them off by smoking them. Here you'll want to smoke off Top Site, Heaven, and sometimes Maze depending on your entry point.

Once you smoke these angles off, use detecting abilities such as KAY/O's knife at Generator, Screens, or the object in front of Default to get some insight on the site. When you know where the general location of your enemies is, use flash abilities to take the site easily.

You should aim to plant the spike between Default and Generator so it'll be visible from Nest. But if you're pressured by enemies, do a safe plant at Default besides the boxes. When you plant the spike, you can expect enemies to enter the site through Screens and Heaven. So watch these locations closely, and don't be afraid to use your abilities here to make it harder for the enemies to retake the site. And if that Sentinel agent trap went off, you should also keep a close eye for enemies coming from the back.

How To Defend A Site on Icebox

Defending A-site on Icebox is a bit tricky depending on the enemies you're playing against. Your goal is to catch them off-guard from unusual angles. And you can do this by getting the zipline and dropping off on Pipes for an easy kill while the enemies are entering, then back off on-site fast. You can do this with agents that can easily back off such as Jett.

Other than that, use smokes and traps like Cypher traps at A-main, Maze, and right at the entry of Generator. This will make it harder for the enemies to see you and you'll also get insight into where they are. You'll catch them off guard and pick off some easy kills.

Cypher main trap
Cypher A-Main trap example | © Riot Games

Retakes are really hard on Icebox since there are only 2 main ways you can enter the site: Screens and Heaven. Flanks are also a viable option, but you won't be doing that most of the time. You can expect enemies to be hiding in Hell, besides Generator, Nest, and even Top Site with Maze. These are a lot of good locations for enemies to be camping, so use tons of detecting and flash abilities to make them reposition and kill them for that defuse.

B Site Icebox Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Icebox B-site callouts:

B Site All Callouts Icebox
Icebox B-site callouts | © Riot Games

There are a lot of Icebox B-site callouts you can check out above, but the ones you want to give special attention to are the planting spot callouts. The other callouts can be seen by opening the map by pressing Caps Lock (depends on keybind), but the planting spot callouts aren't on the map. With a bit of practice alongside beginner-friendly agents, you'll get a hold of these callouts. One thing to remember is that Top B and Lower B are sometimes referred to as Heaven and Hell.

How To Attack B Site on Icebox

To attack Icebox, you'll first need to have control of B-Main and enemies lurking beside Yellow. If the enemy tries to peek from Yellow, be on the lookout to kill them. Once you have this control, smoke off main locations such as Top B, beside Lower B covering Orange, and between Under Bridge and the tall building covering Snowman. A Viper wall is really great here since it can cover these locations in one go.

After smokes use detecting and flash abilities at Yellow and Top B/Lower B to take control of the site and plant the spike at Default. You can also send players through Mid and B-Tube to catch the enemies off-guard, though it'll be hard.

Viper Toxic Screen Ability 2
Viper wall example for attacking B-site Icebox | © Riot Games

Once you plant the spike, defend it from B-Main. Make sure beforehand you've placed a Sentinel trap to detect flanks. If the enemies try to defuse the spike, you can peak and get easy kills. But be careful since they may come to kill you off at B-Main before the enemies defuse the spike.

How To Defend B Site on Icebox

Your main goal when defending B-site on Icebox is to keep the enemies at B-Main while your teammates rotate for a fair fight. Once the enemies enter the site and take control of Yellow, it'll be really hard to defend the site. So use Duelist flash and molly damage abilities at B-Main and don't let the enemies enter the site as much as possible. You can also have a player overlooking Mid for any surprising enemies trying to backstab you.

B Main Hold Gameplay Defend Icebox
Protect B-Main on Icebox with your abilities | © Riot Games

If the enemies plant the spike, it'll be a bit hard to retake B-site on Icebox. You'll want to enter the site from Snowman or Halls. Take the site step-by-step and clear off Danger first. Then use detect and flash abilities to clear off Yellow. Once you have these 2 locations clear, there are 2 scenarios. If you're more players against fewer enemies, one can defend the spike while the others will overwatch B-Main. Though if you're alone, clear off B-Main and Cubby using flash and damaging abilities then defuse the spike.

Best Team Composition on Icebox

Some agents will always be better combined than others presenting different strategy combinations. So here's a great team composition for Icebox:


If you plan on changing agents from this team composition, do note it won't be as good as this one. Make changes based on the role, for example, change Duelists for other Duelists only. Though some viable changes can be Killjoy for Chamber and Jett for Reyna or Raze.

This is it for this Icebox map guide. There are a ton of callouts and strategies to remember, but with practice, you'll learn them in no time. So follow this map guide and you'll start winning on Icebox instantly!