How To Play Sentinel Agents? | Valorant Class Guide

In this article, we'll take a closer look at Sentinels – arguably the most defensive class in the game.

Sentinels guiiide
What are Sentinel Agents all about? © Riot Games

Sentinel Agents are a great pick for everyone who loves a support-like playstyle. Maybe they don't score the most frags in a match (well, unless you are playing in a Duelist Sage meta), but they certainly help their teammate Duelists to do so. In short - Sentinels focus on making their friendly Agents even more effective than the default.

These Agents are usually much better on the Defenders' side, although that is not always the case. It's crucial to have at least one Sentinel Agent in your team composition, although this class has some of the hardest Agents to pilot.

All Sentinel Agents in Valorant

As of now, we have 4 Sentinel Agents in the game:

And if you want to check which one of them is currently the best in the meta, be sure to look into our tier list: Valorant Agent Tier List (Episode 4 Act 3) - Duelists, Initiator, Controller, Sentinel Ranked By Role

Attacking With Sentinel Agents

As we've mentioned before, Sentinel Agents are usually a bit worse on the Attackers' side, as they just can't really execute aggressive strategies. However, as a result, they can be excellent with protecting a planted Spike. That said, you should usually wait with using your abilities till the late game to get the most value out of them.

Sage duelist
Despite appearances, Sage is not a Dueliist Agent | © Riot Games

All in all, you should keep it as defensive as you can. No "Rush B, don't stop" – save it for your Duelists. The only exception might be Chamber, as this is an Agent with whom you just need to push aggressively to collect your Ult points to play defensively later on, but that's a unique case.

Defending With Sentinel Agents

Well, as the entire class is all about the defensive playstyle, it's clear that the Defenders' side is usually where Sentinel Agents shine the most. Their traps placed on angles and site entrances are usually the most annoying thing that the attacking team has to deal with.

Turret killjoyq
Your extra teammate to watch the site | © Riot Games

All these traps are not only annoying but also helpful with giving you intel about what the enemy team is trying to do! Whenever your trap is destroyed, your team gets notified about it by a global announcement, which kind of reveals the location/strategy of the enemy team.

3 Tips For Playing Sentinel Agents

  • Keep it calm. This is probably the most important thing when it comes to playing with Sentinel Agents – you just have to be defensive. Well, unless you're smurfing, and it doesn't matter; you'll keep clicking headshots anyway. But if that's not the case, and you're playing at your actual rank, rushing and playing aggressively is usually the last thing you should do when playing Sentinel Agents.
  • Learn ability setups (especially for Spike Sites). Yeah, your abilities are strong, but they won't be so effective if you don't know where to place them. We recommend following the VCT circuit matches to keep track of which setups are currently good in the metagame. Plus, you can also check our Guides section here at Valorfeed!
  • Be careful with your economy. Every so often, to perform a specific ability setup you'll need to buy your entire ability kit. That said, when playing eco, half-eco, and force-buy rounds, you'll need to be careful with your purchases. In short, don't go too crazy with spending your Credits if you don't have to.

Alright, that was a lot of information about the most defensive (and arguably the hardest to pilot) Agent class in Valorant. Let's chill about and listen about some of the most popular stereotypes about Sentinel Agents: