Valorant Map Guide Ascent: Callouts & Strategies

Ascent is an excellent map providing players with a lot of strategies and callouts they should know. So here you'll get a total guide to the Valorant map Ascent.

Valorant Ascent Ranked
Complete guide to play on Ascent! | © Riot Games

Ascent is one of the original Valorant maps to be released with the game. The map has great callouts and strategies which most players have to learn by themselves to start winning more games on Ascent. So here we'll check out a complete guide on how to play on Ascent!

Ascent Map: Callouts

Here's the whole map of Ascent with all the main Ascent callouts:

Ascent Callouts
Every Ascent map callout | © Riot Games

If you think you have to remember all of these main Ascent callouts, don't worry as you can check them out by pressing Caps Lock. This will show you the whole map including these callouts, but only if you haven't changed the key bind. Though the main sites don't have callouts, so we'll see them below including strategies so you can defeat the enemies either with the Vandal or Phantom!

A Site Ascent Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Ascent A-site callouts:

A Site Ascent Callouts
Ascent A-site callouts | © Riot Games

While you play on Ascent, you should keep this image somewhere close to yourself so you can practice these Ascent A-site callouts. This way they'll become easier to remember. One trick to know about all map callouts is that if there's an upper area held by an opened lower area, they're almost always referred to as Heaven for the above area and Hell for the below area. Now you can say "I defeated the enemy with the best melee skin in Hell"!

How to Attack A Site on Ascent

Attacking on A-site on Ascent is brought down to taking out enemies behind safe corners. To do this, you'll need Controller and Duelist agents. The Controllers will smoke off essential areas, and in this site's situation, it would be to smoke off Door, Heaven, and Hell. A Viper smoke lineup along with her wall cast from A-main to cover the door is an excellent example to smoke off the site. Duelist flashes combined with smokes will also make it harder for the enemies to see and kill you while you try and enter the site.

A crucial step instantly after you enter the A-site is to close off the Door. Not only will it block the enemies from retaking the site from the Door, but if they try to break it you'll know exactly where they are. Once you plant the spike, just defend main angles like Heaven and watch out for flanks.

How to Defend A Site on Ascent

Defending on A-site on Ascent is really easy since the map is more focused on the defenders' advantage. All you have to do is have around 2 maximum 3 agents on-site and set up crossfire, for example, 1 player on Heaven and the other at Generator. If the enemies try to enter through A-main, they won't know who to kill first since beautiful Vandal bullets from 2 ways are hitting them. You should also use some abilities here to keep the enemies at bay until your allies rotate for a fair fight.

Valorant Viper Ascent Defend
Awesome Viper wall to defend on Ascent A-site | © Riot Games

But what if you were on B-site and the enemies took control of A-site? Then, to retake A-site while defending you'll want to go through Heaven and clear Hell first. If you have smoke abilities, smoke off A-main then try to defuse the spike or defeat any enemies that may be lurking near A-wine. If you don't have smoke abilities, then try and recapture A-main either with flashes or brute force.

B Site Ascent Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Here are all the main Ascent B-site callouts:

B Site Ascent Callouts
Ascent B-site callouts | © Riot Games

B-site on Ascent packs a lot of callouts since the site is kind of cut in half with the Workshop in the middle. But this doesn't have to worry you since the callouts are mostly simple and easy to remember. The Market is summarised in Market Door, Market Plat, Market Stairs, and on the planting grounds, it's Double/Triple Box. Keep an eye on Wallbang though, since a lot of enemies tend to hide there with the best Phantom skins.

How to Attack B Site on Ascent

Attacking on B-site on Ascent follows the same main strategy for A-site and most other maps: smoke off essential areas and clear angles. In this situation, you'll first want to smoke off Market and Defender Spawn, use flashes to clear Logs and Workshop for potential enemies, then rush to Workshop to close off Market Door. Do note that enemies may also be hiding in B-lane and B-stairs, so keep an eye on those spots with your favorite Odin skin.

B Site Brimstone Awesome Smoke
Awesome Brimstone Ascent B-site smoke setup | © Riot Games

Once you take control of this area, you'll head towards the spike planting spot. Enemies may be hiding here too, so use flashes and other damaging abilities to clear off essential areas. These areas include Boat House and Wallbang. Once you plant the spike, hide in Boat House and watch out for enemies coming from B-lane and B-stairs.

How to Defend B Site on Ascent

Defending on B-site on Ascent is simple: have control over B-Main. The enemies' main entrance is from there, so if you keep them away and defeat them right there and then, you'll essentially win. Use abilities such as KAY/O's knife to see if the enemies plan a full-on B-site attack. For retakes, you'll first clear Workshop, Market, Logs, and B-main for potential enemies. Then the enemies will be usually hiding at Boat House, Wallbang, and Double Box. Use smoke and flash abilities here to defeat them so you can defuse the spike.

Best Team Composition on Ascent

Ascent can't provide the best uses for all agents' abilities, so here's one of the best team compositions to play with on Ascent:


The map is heavily based around Initiators, so that's why you'll want to bring in 2 when playing on Ascent: KAY/O and Sova. One Duelist like Jett does the job perfect for entry into the site. Other than that, you can change Killjoy for Cypher, or Viper for Omen. This doesn't mean this is a better team comp, they're just other agents you can try and see what may work better for you.

This is the complete guide towards winning more games on Ascent. These strategies and callouts may require a bit of practice, but once you put the hours in you'll definitely climb up to Radiant!