How To Play Jett | Valorant Agent Guide

If playing aggressively and pushing your boundaries is a thing for you, then Jett is your destined Agent.

Jett agent guide
The only Jett guide you will ever need. | © Riot Games / Valorfeed

Most Valorant players love anything connected to Korean or Japanese culture. That being said, Jett being Korean enjoys a lot of love from the Valorant community as she's been on the top of the most-picked Agents ever since Valorant has existed.

Jett Abilities Explained

Sunwoo has a fantastic set of abilities that make her one of the flashiest Agents in Valorant. This agent is a must-pick if you're a person who loves "Agility" and being able to fight head-on against opponents while having multiple abilities to disappear quickly after a frag.

Jett Abilities
How her Abilities look ingame | © Riot Games

Drift (Passive)

Jett's passive lets her glide through the air while falling. To use this, you just need to hold the "Jump" hotkey while in the air.

C Ability: Cloudburst (Cost: 200 Credits; Charges: 2)

Her first ability is a short-duration smoke. Once you click the ability to equip it you get a "projectile" that you can throw. It breaks on impact with the ground and forms a cloud that serves as a smoke. The smoke will last 2.5 seconds, and if you wish to "curve" the smoke at your will, just hold the ability hotkey to curve it in the direction of your crosshair.

Cloudburst had a 4.5-second duration before, which is 2 seconds longer than it lasts right now. The "new" Jett smoke has a different use right now, and you should only use it to isolate spots on the map for a very short period of time.

Q Ability: Updraft (Cost: 150 Credits; Charges: 1)

Updraft lets you propel yourself high into the air. Once used you will be very high into the air and from there you can either hold the jump key to glide yourself to a certain place or just quickly fall down and in some situations take some damage. While in the air you can use any ability that you want, meaning that you can "Jump" again with this ability, or use your Signature skill to propel forwards and vice-versa.

This is one of the two "positioning" abilities that Jett has and she is mostly focused around them. There are countless plays that can be done to use them wisely, so we suggest trying them in a lobby before using them in a real game.

Signature Ability: Tailwind

This ability has had a rework, so if you're a returning player make sure to read this fully because it has changed a lot! You will have to activate this ability before actually using it, whereas pre-reword you would "tailwind" forward on the ability key click. By clicking "E" you will activate Tailwind which will prepare a gust of wind around you that will last for about 7.5 seconds, and the windup for this ability is 1 second.

While activated if you click your ability hotkey again you will Tailwind in the direction that you are walking, rather than facing. If you are facing forward but walking backward you will tailwind backward. In the case of standing still, you will always Tailwind forward. If you didn't understand what Tailwind actually does, it simply propels you forward, but in a quick way. This way you can evade certain corners and get to a certain position much safer. It's also common to see people engage with this ability when their self-confidence is through the roof.

The "dashing" lasts for 1 second, and the ability has a 2-kill recharge. So if you use Tailwind, and do two frags afterwards the ability will be refreshed and ready to be used again.

Ultimate (X) Ability: Blade Storm (7 Ultimate Points)

If you're a Japanese/Korean anime lover, you will love this ultimate! Blade Storm equips Jett with five super-accurate knives. Once equipped you can shoot one at a time by clicking your Fire key, or all of them at once with your Alternate Fire key. These knives are super accurate and you won't get the "air" penalty while gliding from high up in the air.

The knives do:

  • 150 Damage (Head)
  • 50 Damage (Body)
  • 42 Damage (Legs)

This ability also has the "recharge" feature, as it will recharge back to 5 knives whenever you make a kill with it. As a side note, if you're a "spray" person and don't like tapping you can spray with the knives by just holding the FIRE hotkey.

How To Attack With Jett

Jett is an extremely fast Agent and requires accuracy, agility, and quick thinking to make sure you are doing a good job with her. She excels on the offensive as her abilities enable her to reach certain points of the map where others can't and break through the enemy's defenses by putting them in an uncomfortable position. A good go-to strategy with Jett is to Cloudburst the usual peaking spots on the site, and rush to a certain point from which you can get frags and help your team entry easier.

How To Defend With Jett

Defending with Jett is much trickier than attacking, as she can be a nightmare for the entry fraggers on the opposite side. Updraft can let you camp on certain spots on the map where the enemies will certainly be surprised to see you. If you're a beginner or just unsure how to play Jett, you can always wait for the enemies to push from an unusual camping spot from which you can snatch a frag or two and just tailwind out of there afterward.

The Best Maps For Jett

Before picking our top 3 maps for Jett, it's safe to say that she is playable on every map, and you can make it work regardless of the lineups.

Since this is the final part of this Jett Guide if you've reached this part you probably have an idea or two about where Jett can excel as a duelist and her playstyle for that given map. Based on stats and experiences from Immortal and Radiant players, Jett can be best enjoyed at Ascent, Breeze, and Pearl.

Her verticality and maneuverability aid her in reaching tons of spots that provide that high angle across the important parts of the maps above. On Breeze Jett is a good choice as an "Operator Duelist" as she can get the opening kills easily and just dash out afterward safely. In Ascent, there are numerous elevated spots that you can reach and have that "high ground advantage" over the opponents. Pearl's site entrances are heaven for Jett as she can outmaneuver the defenses with her tricky abilities.

That is all for this hopefully fun and educating guide on How To Play Jett, if you are keen on learning more Agents, make sure to visit our Valorfeed Guide Section where we regularly post any possible Guide about Valorant.

Also if you haven't seen it yet, Valorant's Esports will have certain changes in 2023, and if you want to check them out make sure to check the video below.



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