What Is The LOUD Valorant Roster? (Offseason 2023)

Brazil is quickly establishing itself as a region to not trifle with in Valorant and it's thanks to teams like LOUD that they've built such a reputation.

LOU Dat Champions1
The Champions 2023 Reigning Champs | © LOUD

Brazil has a long-standing history of being a strong region in FPS. From CSGO to Rainbow Six, that pedigree has definitely translated to Valorant, albeit with a bit of a slow start.

Teams like LOUD have made sure fans don't forget how strong Brazil is, after all, a single country being treated as an entire region with multiple spots for Valorant Champions doesn't happen often.

LOUD's Journey In Valorant

LOUD didn't enter Valorant until 2022 and they've certainly made a splash. As we mentioned, Brazilian teams weren't taken as much of a threat previously, but once the organization secured an extremely talented roster, that perception quickly shifted, particularly after their 2nd place finish at Masters Reykjavík.

Soon after, the talented squad managed the win the most prestigious event in Valorant which is VCT Champions 2022.

Saadhaak LOUD
Saadhak is a mastermind in disguise | © Riot Games

The impressive title run that LOUD had at Champions Istanbul caught the eye of a lot of teams, and Sentinels didn't hesitate and snatched both pANcada & Sacy. With two empty slots on their roster, LOUD started their talent search and ended up signing the young prodigies "tuyz" & "cauanzin".

While a lot of people doubted the stories about Aspas leaving LOUD, the rumors became true. The "contract" problems between the star player and the Brazilian org might have come true, and on September 11, Felipe left the team in which he became the monster duelist that he is today.

Aspas Champions99
After a lot of drama, Aspas left LOUD | © LOUD

LOUD Valorant roster

The current LOUD roster with which the team competes at VCT Champions 2023 is:

NameAgent PoolJoin Date
Felipe "Less" BassoChamber, Killjoy, ViperFebruary 3rd, 2022
Arthur "tuyz" VieiraJett, ChamberNovember 10th, 2022
Matias "Saadhak" DelipetroKAY/O, Viper, Sage, FadeFebruary 3rd, 2022
Cauan "cauanzin" PereiraSage, SovaNovember 10th, 2022

LOUD Valorant Best Results

Valorant Champions 2022S-Tier1st
Valorant Champions 2023S-Tier3rd
VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters - ReykjavíkS-Tier2nd
VCT 2023: Americas LeagueS-Tier1st
VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São PauloS-Tier2nd

The following video is a behind-the-scenes vlog from their most recent match vs Fnatic. It's in Portuguese but there are English subtitles. It's wild!


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