What Is The TSM Valorant Roster? (Updated)

TSM has been a household name in esports for a while now. Although TSM may have fallen off lately in the Valorant esports scene, their roster is still beloved by lots of fans!

Valorant TSM Roster Esports Pro
TSM's Valorant pro esports roster! | © TSM

TSM (Team SoloMid) has been one of the most popular esports names in NA. They have dabbled in many games, including Valorant. Although TSM didn't have much luck in Valorant's main 2022 esports scene like applying to VCT NA LCQ, they're still trying hard on smaller tournaments.

Another thing that hit TSM hard was Wardell's release. Wardell was one of the best and most popular Valorant players, and his release hit TSM's roster hard. So that begs the question: what is TSM's Valorant roster?

TSM (Team SoloMid) Valorant Roster

TSM's Valorant roster was created and officially announced on May 22nd, 2020. Albeit that was a bit surprising of TSM because Valorant's official release date was on June 2nd, 2020.

The above roster was the first ever TSM Valorant roster. But that roster has been under changes, with Valorant players being switched up. So below is the current TSM Valorant roster alongside basic information about the pro players:

Real NameNicknameRoleJoin Date
Yassine TaoufikSubrozaCaptain Player22.05.2020
Daniel AbedrabboRossyPlayer20.01.2022
Corey NigracoreyPlayer20.01.2022
Johann HernandezsevenPlayer23.04.2022
Anthony GuimondgMdPlayer23.04.2022
Preston DornonJuv3nileCoach17.03.2022
Andrew SeeweraRubyzAssistant Coach06.05.2022

One player we have to mention is Sean "bang" Bezerra. He's an inactive TSM player who currently plays for 100 Thieves under TSM's loan. And even they aren't steady with their roster with 100T Hiko retiring.

And that's everything you need to know about TSM's Valorant pro roster! Although TSM has been suffering lately, they're still trying their best. And with their wins on smaller tournaments, we'll only have to follow this roster and see where TSM's players are headed next, maybe even VCT Champions!