Valorant Champions 2023: Best Rated Players

Even though teamplay wins games, individual standout performances can boost the team morale to achieve better gameplay. Here are the best individual players so far.

LOUD Less Versus FN
How many LOUD players are we expecting at the leaderboard? | © @loud_less

This year's Champions proves to be an extraordinary spectacle as the unexpected keeps on happening. Valorant is a team game and is won as such, but certain players have risen to prominence and with stellar performances caught the attention of the fans but also the analysts that follow the games and give them appropriate ratings.

Valorant Champions 2023 Player Ratings

In this article, we will dive into the world of stats, and try to deliver the leaderboard of the best players so far in terms of ratings. The ratings are based on metrics mostly based on their individual impact on the games.

This can also include:

  • Average Combar Scores
  • K/D/A's
  • Clutches
  • First Bloods & more

It's not clear yet who will be this year's Champions MVP, but we can see whos getting closer by the day.

#1Fnatic Alfajer1.27
#2Paper Rex d4v411.25
#3Evil Geniuses Demon11.25
#4Evil Geniuses Ethan1.23
#5LOUD Less1.20
#6Fnatic Leo1.19
#7KRÜ keznit1.19
#8FUT MrFaliN1.18
#9Paper Rex f0rsakeN1.17
#10Evil Geniuses jawgemo1.17

From the players listed in the "rating leaderboard", only keznitdeuS's KRÜ Esports have been eliminated, and all of the other nine are still in the playoffs.

Valorant Champions 2023: Player's Individual Stat Records

The next chapter will cover the individual performances and the records per metrics.

Most Kills

  1. LOUD Less - 181 Kills
  2. LOUD Aspas - 177 Kills
  3. EDG ZmjjKK - 173 Kills
  4. FUT cNed - 163 Kills
  5. BLG whzy - 157 Kills

Most Assists

  1. DRX MaKo - 108 Assists
  2. LOUD tuyz - 106 Assists
  3. FUT ATA KAPTAN - 98 Assists
  4. EG Ethan - 96 Assists
  5. LOUD cauanzin - 92 Assists


  1. Fnatic Alfajer - 1.57 KD
  2. PRX d4v41 - 1.41 KD
  3. Fnatic Leo - 1.34 KD
  4. FPX AAAAY - 1.33 KD
  5. Loud Less - 1.3 KD

ACS per Map

  1. KRÜ keznit - 266 ACS
  2. BLG whzy - 265 ACS
  3. Fnatic Alfajer - 253 ACS
  4. DRX BuZz - 238 ACS
  5. EDG ZmjjKK - 235 ACS

There are many more metrics, but since these are the only ones that matter and are important we only listed them. If you haven't watched the game between LOUD & Fnatic, Tarik's reaction video with highlights will keep you up to date and satisfy your hype hunger.


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