Raze Advanced Guide: Double Satchel, Ultimate Boost & More

Raze is currently rocking the duelist meta at Champions and it's with a reason. If you want to do cool plays like Fnatic Derke, this guide might help you.

Raze Satcheling VFX
You will be parkouring the maps after this guide | © Riot Games

VCT Champions have revealed the meta to everyone, and the players are starting to get the hang of it. Raze is currently the most popular duelist, as her pick rate is astonishing.

Raze Movement Guide

While Reyna is mostly Run & Gun, Raze tends to be a bit more "mech skill" needy than the others. Playing Raze only for her bombs is a waste of talent, as her satchels offer tons of combinations and plays to be made with.

Raze is an explosive Duelist that excels at entrying sites with tons of damage available to be dished out. Even though she had a few nerfs on her balance sheets, she is still one of the most powerful duelists in the hands of good players.

This guide will be mostly focused on her Satchels & Ultimate together with all of the tips & tricks you didn't know about her.

Using The Satchels Correctly

Her "Q" ability nicknamed "satchels" is her movement maneuvering ability. As you probably well know, once they pop they push players from their position in both a good & bad way. While playing Raze you will find yourself mostly using the satchels for yourself, rather than for the enemies.

Double Satchel Movement Guide

High Vantage Point Split1
This is an example of a "high vantage point" | © Riot Games

As you well know, you can buy two satchels at the buy time which will cost you about 400 credits in total. If you think that's expensive, it's not, at least not for the value they offer. To use the double satchel trick correctly, you will have to first position yourself in a "high vantage point" in order to get the most out of your forward momentum.

To double satchel boost yourself correctly:

  • Once in a "high spot" deploy the first satchel on the group and jump
  • While in the air, make sure your aim is positioned to the ground, ready to deploy the second satchel
  • Once Set, pop the first satchel and once you reach the peak jump range, double tap the satchel the instantly deploy the second one

On the video below, you can see a double satchel boost made perfectly.

Raze Tripple Boost Guide

Double boost was probably too easy for you and here you are looking for the triple one. High ambition and hard work is rewarded very well in Valorant, as better gameplay get's more RR. If you've mastered the double boost, triple boost will be pretty simple for you. Raze's Ultimate Ability has a knock-back effect that can be manipulated for various things.

To get a triple boost you will have to combine your satchels with your Showstopper, and to do it:

  • If you've correctly done the double satchel boost then,
  • Once you're in the air after the second satchel have popped
  • Get your aim to be looking down, and fire the ultimate at whatever target you wish
  • Whoala, you've achieved Tripple Boost

This can get you a lot of air time, which means better vision, and in some brackets, invincibility as people aren't used to shooting high up in the sky.

Satchel Peeking

This is the last movement guide here, and probably the most complex one. Valorant is all about perfecting your peek and getting those peek kills can make you win games easily. If you want to abuse the satchels to get a better peek then:

  • Throw the satchel on an obstacle/wall and detonate it while moving sideways
  • Doing this, will push you in the opposite direction of where the satchel is placed
  • This will enable for a wider peak and a less risky one


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