Valorant Party Codes: How To Use Them

If you had an issue when you were in a party of four and needed plus one, but didn't feel like adding new people to fill up the party worry not. A solution to this problem has been released and here's how it works!

Party Codes Val1
Instead of adding each other, teams that will scrim other teams will just have to share a code to join | © Riot Games

Valorant Invite Party Codes

There will be a ton of stuff coming to Valorant, and the one that will come in the nearest future will be the Party Codes. Party Codes are basically shareable codes that will be available for players that are in a Party or Lobby. Both regular players and teams will benefit a lot from it and here's why.

Not everyone has a friend list full of people that can fill in at any time, and breaking the party of four to play comp is not the greatest of ideas. With Party Codes, you will be able to share your code to various Forums where there are people that are LFG (Looking For Game) without having to add them to your friend list.

This is a good thing since we will skip the boring need to copy/paste Riot, then add the person & then invite again to the party. With Party Codes you will just have to share the code, and the players will join the party in a matter of two clicks.

Party Codes For Scrims

Teams regularly scrim to maintain their form and learn new strats, agents, or tactics. They all have Managers or Coaches that find and book the scrims, and finding themselves and joining the lobby with just a code will save them a lot of time. It will have the same process as parties and will make scrims easier to join and lessen the risk of being late at some.

This feature is not yet available and is expected to be added very soon. Parts of the Code and what the icons look like have been leaked and seem to be added to the file directory already. Whether this is a good addition to the game or just a way to overcomplicate the already simple party/lobby system we are yet to see.


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