Valorant Codename Giraffe: Who is it?

About two weeks ago, a leak was published by a popular data miner that a new agent codename has been found in Valorant's game files. Is it a new agent, or a codename for something completely different? Let's find out.

Codename Giraffe VALX
This might or might not be a wallpaper for Agent codename "Giraffe" | © Riot Games

Valorant has a very unique and cool structure in terms of its agents. Apart from KAY//O being a nationless machine & Omen being a phantom of memory, all of the other agents have lore connected to their country and are humane-like. Will Valorant get away from their current structure & release a "Giraffe" or does this mean something else?

What Is Valorant Codename Giraffe

What we know so far is that John Goscicki who is the Character Producer for Valorant promised earlier this year that they will add three new agents to Valorant during this year. As of now, Gekko was released in March & Deadlock was inducted into the game in June.

One Agent remains to be released, and Riot has just five months to do so until 2023 ends. The Codename Girrafe is currently just speculation, but there is some sort of possibility that the new agent might be an animal-like one.

The next Agent is rumored to be a Duelist, and quite recently a tweet appeared with an alleged leak of the sound file where Giraffe was mentioned.

Kinda sounds like a goofy/smaller version of KAY//O. As we can see from the sound file, all of the sounds included are robotic, and this might be a hint that the new duelist is somewhat related to KAY//O. If we look further down in the leaks and stories, the secret room in The Range is the place to go.

K SEC Warning Message
The warning message to Brimstone from Viper | © Riot Games

As we go there, a message is shown where Viper is explaining that an incoming Danger is coming to the Kingdom. In the messages, a "K-Sec" contact is mentioned which could be a connection to the new agent.

Later on a new message appeared with the following content:

"Have you lost your mind?! I am not shutting down a critical Kingdom facility! I asked you for a little help with some intel, and you gave me nothing! - K-Sec to Brimstone
Ksec To Brimstone1
This is what K-Sec told Brimstone | © Riot Games

From what we can see K-Sec is actively communicating with Brimstone about shutting down one of the Kingdom Facilities. After wanting some crucial intel from the new agent, Brimstone seemed to have ghosted him which later on made him angry and cut every contact with him.

K-Sec is coming, but which side will it be on?!

Valorant Codename Cable & Aggrobot

All of the leaked codenames so far had a meaning and ended up being connected to the released agents. Codename Cable was the codename that was a connection to Valorant's newest Agent Deadlock. The "Cable" was a part of her utility kit and the codename leak ended up being true.

Codename Aggrobot on the other hand was the leak for Gekko. Aggrobots in fandoms all around the globe are small robots that are connected to their "master" and are closely related to him and help him with his tasks. Gekko has his Wingman, Dizzy & Thrash which probably are the Aggrobots in his util kit.


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