Valorant: Tarik Has A Hot Take That Valorant Lacks Trash Talk

Tarik is the most viewed streamer in Valorant and is surpassing the main channel during Champions 2023. In his latest one, he had a hot take about the need for trash talk and how it can help the scene more.

Tarik Takes
He does have a point | © Riot Games

Champions have been a blast so far, and it seems like people enjoy the community casters more than the official ones. Tarik's numbers have been rocketing as he's exceeded the official stream numbers on each of the days.

Valorant Lacks Trash Talk

This year's big events haven't missed out on some trash-talking drama, as it seems that players have gotten the courage to call out other teams or players. The latest one was surrounding EG's IGL Boostie, as well as surprisingly the Chinese teams EDG & Bilibili Gaming.

Boosting your team's confidence while talking dirty to your opponent isn't something new, and is present in sports for a long while. "Boostio" opened up his thoughts chamber about the Chinese region, while the infamous KangKang didn't hold back either.

Tarik's Thought On The Drama

Tarik is the most-watched streamer right now in Valorant, and there's no one coming close to him. He's been doing the watch parties for Champions since Day 1, and didn't hesitate to give his part in the situation. While some think that these kinds of dramas and callouts are childish, Tarik thinks otherwise.

I think the players should be incentivized to talk ****. We should pay them when they talk ****, okay. It should be the opposite of what it currently is. If mother f****** are talking ****, we should reward them, - Tarik

Most of his chat and the community somewhat agree with him, and a little bit of drama and excitement won't hurt anybody. The example of UFC's way of hyping up events while bringing players together to trash-talk each other is a good example of how something should be done.

Trash Talk Might Hurt Riot's Plans

Riot is committed to good partnerships and relations with sponsors, and won't change that anytime soon. They've before that if someone is behaving unlawfully or in a disrespectful fashion, they can be out of the scene for good.

Making sure nothing hurts their deals with the current companies that support the events is a priority for Riot, as those deals keep the events in check and up and running. So far, we've seen quite a few curse's, teabaggings & other "immoral" actions, and it doesn't seem like they will slow down any time soon.


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