Valorant Champions Day 5: Recap, Standings & More

The reigning champions survive yet another day as Champions 2023 is underway. Here's how day 5 went and what the standings look like.

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PRX are making Waves at Los Angeles | © @pprxteam

The first day of elimination games has ended, and we've surely had some surprising games. Here's a quick recap of what happened on day 5.

Valorant Champions 2023: Recap Of Day 5

On Day 5 we had two elimination matches from Group D & B, and a winner's match from Group A.

Map 1: Haven13:2 LOUD Win
Map 2: Split13:8 LOUD Win
Decider Map: Lotus//
Map 1: Lotus13:10 T1 Win
Map 2: Bind13: 7 T1 Win
Decider Map: Ascent//
Map 1: Fracture13:7 PRX Win
Map 2: Pearl16:14 PRX Win
Decider Map: Bind//

Valorant Champions 2023: Day 5 Group Standings

This is what the groups look like right now:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
1. Paper Rex (2:0)1. Evil Geniuses (2:0)1. Fnatic (2:0)1. DRX (2:0)
2. EDward Gaming (1:1)2. FUT Esports (1:1)2. Bilibili Gaming (1:1)2. LOUD (1:1)
3. Giants (0:1)3 .T1 (1:1)3. NRG (0:1)3. NaVi (1:1)
4.KRÜ Esports (0:1)4. FPX (0:2)4. ZETA Division (0:1)

4. Team Liquid (0:2)

LOUD Eliminate Team Liquid And Keep Their Title Defence Hopes High

The first game of the day was an elimination match between the Europeans and the reigning champs. After previously getting an upset L against DRX, and having a lot of pressure on their shoulders LOUD had to perform now.

This is how the Map Pick/Ban phase went:

  • LOUD banned Fracture
  • TL banned Pearl
  • LOUD picked Haven
  • TL picked Split
  • LOUD banned Ascent
  • TL banned Bind

LOUD vs Team Liquid

LOUD's map pick went picture-perfect for them, as they stomped their way through it. Even though Aspas wasn't in the spotlight, their teamplay chem went perfectly well, and they managed to outplay TL in almost all of the rounds. In the first half, they were leading 10 to 2, and they easily closed out the Map with a 3-0 streak in the second half.

Split's first half was "split" among the teams and they finished the half 6-6. Aspas was again struggling to find his "old form" as both the stream parties & chat were just waiting to roar for the LOUD superstar. On the other side, Sayf was doing god's work and kept TL's Champion's chances to survive.

After a pistol round win and a second round force & win, Team Liquid lost their momentum, and LOUD abused that perfectly and made a 7 round win streak to end the series.

Quality meme post by the winners:

FPX Exits Champions 2023 Early As They Get Eliminated By T1

The second game of the day was much closer and more tense than the first one.

This is how the Map Pick/Ban phase went:

  • FPX banned Fracture
  • T1 banned Split
  • FPX picked Lotus
  • T1 picked Bind
  • FPX banned Pearl
  • T1 banned Haven

T1 vs FunPlus Phoenix

FPX has Lotus as one of their "comfortable maps" and it looked like it, at least in the first half. With both Yuicaw & AAAY having a good performance they managed to get the first half 7 to 5. Once the second half started, we saw a completely different T1 and teamplay that other teams can be jealous of.

With perfect Utility usage and a standout performance by Munchkins Killjoy, T1 got a seven-round win streak & closed out Map 1 for themselves winning 13 to 10.

Bind was the map in which we saw a very weak FPX & the end was coming near for the Chinese. AAAY's Skye took the "duelist" role and managed to have the most frags in the game, but T1's team effort was unchallenged and they only won 3 rounds as opposed to 9 on T1's side. The 9-3 curse wasn't happening in this one, & T1 eliminated FPX 13 to 7.

Something Vs KangKang Showmatch

Top 10 Anime Battle's in Valorant | © Riot Games

Last match of the day was a much anticipated one, as everyone was hyped about the two stars facing each other. This game opposed to the other two wasn't an elimination one but instead the winner's one.

EDG ban Lotus; PRX ban Haven; EDG pick Fracture; PRX pick Pearl; EDG ban Split; PRX ban Ascent; Bind remains

This is how the Map Pick/Ban phase went:

  • EDG baned Lotus
  • PRX banned Haven
  • EDG picked Fracture
  • PRX picked Pearl
  • EDG banned Split
  • PRX banned Ascent

Paper Rex vs EDward Gaming

Even though the end result of Map 1 doesn't show that this was probably one of the best games to watch. Paper Rex decided to do a no-duelist lineup which helped them secure the first half of Fracture 8 to 4.

Fracture was EDG's map pick, but as the game went by, it felt like PRX was prepared a lot more for it than EDG. KangKang surely won the "showmatch" but lost the map eventually as team play beats individual play at all times.

The second map (Pearl) was the most entertaining one of the day, and kudos to both teams for bringing us quality gameplay. Back and forth round wins raised the tensions high, and after having the first half 7 to 5 for EDG & the second one 7 to 5 for PRX overtime was coming. The spotlight of the second half was Jinggg's Ace which helped push the game to overtime.

In the overtime, Paper Rex's duelists took the game under their control, and after 6 rounds of exchanging round wins, PRX secured the victory in the winner's match 2:0.


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