What Is The XSET Valorant Roster? (Updated)

Meet XSET, the second-strongest team from the North American region according to VCT 2022 standings.

Xset roster valorant
How will they do at Champions? | © XSET

XSET is an underdog team that really surprised the whole community in 2022. Everyone considered them just "decent," and now we can safely talk about the world's top, especially after the clean victory they achieved in VCT Stage 2 Challengers NA by beating OpTic Gaming.

After all this amazing performance, they have secured their spot at Valorant Champions 2022 and can now spend time preparing for the upcoming world championships. We can't wait to see how they will do, but for now, let's see who they actually are!

XSET Valorant Roster

Real NameNicknameRoleJoin Date
AYRINJordan HePlayer26.10.2020
BcJBrendan JensenPlayer14.01.2021
dephhRory JacksonPlayer14.06.2021
zekkenZachary PatronePlayer26.06.2021
CryocellsMatthew PanganibanPlayer31.12.2021
SyykoNTDon MuirHead Coach27.11.2020
DrewSparkDrew Spark WhitworthAnalyst11.04.2022

Do you believe in their skills at the most important tournament of the year? Well, you have to admit that they really went well this year, and in Stage 2 Challengers they showed that they can win even against a team that was considered the best in the world at the time.

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